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    Annotations from Returned Library Books Keep Appearing



      I've recently noticed that no matter how many times I delete annotations from library epubs that I've read and returned they keep coming back. I did a search and I understand that the annotations file from Adobe Digital will keep being 'remade', but does it have to include every single book I've ever gotten out of the library?


      I've deleted all the library books once returned off my computer, including the thumbnails and such. But it's the annotations that keep coming back. Am I missing something?


      I tried searching my computer for the files and there aren't any on there. I can delete them once I plug my Nook into the computer, but the minute I sideload a book I have to redelete the annotations.


      I get why they have the annotations for books I have on the Nook, but why does it keep redownloading ones for books that I have returned and that are no longer in the Digital Media?