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    Sudden Drop in battery life Jan 2013

      I am a very light user of my Simple Touch, maybe 3 or 4 hours a week, The battery used to last for several weeks before being charged. Now all of the sudden with no change in use the battery is dead withint 3 or 4 days. I am hoping the battery isn't degrading that fast since I have owned it only a little over a year and probably chaged it 3 or 5 times in it's life.

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          My NST is about the same age and usage (maybe a bit more). I haven't noticed a problem with battery life. It is possible your nook just lost its battery calibration data and needs to recalibrate over the next charge or two. If that doesn't help I'd call CS. Since you're just over your warranty period you might get a replacement if you have a defective battery.
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              There are a couple of things you can do on your own that may help:  [1] Check to be sure that your wifi is off.  That's a notorious battery killer.  [2]  Using a lint-free cloth or soft brush, *gently* clean around the edges of the screen, where it meets the bezel.  Tiny pieces of fluzz can get stuck there, causing the sensors to think that some action is required.  This also drains the battery.  [3] After your next charge ( or really, any time) shut the Nook completely off and reboot it.  For some reason, this often stops a battery drain from continuing.


              Hope one of these tricks helps.

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              Have you tried shutting it down (long-press back power button) then restarting it? It's possible a process (program) got hung, causing the unit not to go into deep sleep. Depending on whether you have wifi on or off, you'll see battery consumption of up to 5% per hour even if you're not using the device if it doesn't deep sleep.


              Also, look for environmental factors. The screen is kept alive if anything is detected as a keypress by the IR sensors. Be sure the screen is clean, and that a case or anything you store the device in isn't pressing against the screen.