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    We need a "select all" on our HD devices and/or the website!!!

      I had unarchived all my books to download and back them up...all 3300 of them since I couldn't remember where I left off at last time or when that even was, last summer some time. And even though only 30 or so were actually downloaded to my HD+, I was REALLY getting tired of having to scroll through them all to find what I wanted and I've found trying to search for anything on my device is even more frustrating when the Nook HD+ looks all over the internet for my books and forgets to check my device for it. So I just spent an entire day archiving all but the 500 I really wanted ON the device or handy in the cloud. I use Calibre as my "dewey decimal system"...but I was still having to hunt for the books I wanted. 


      WOW! Was that an exercise in frustration! One at a time...and the page keeps jumping all over the place, so you might accidentally hit "review" or "delete" or even open the dang book in an attempt to hit the "archive" button because it isn't sitting still. Sometimes, I opened the book below or above instead. That made the whole process take twice as long, because I had to go back and try and remember where I was..and then forward 2 or 3 pages at a time until I got back where I was. I still don't understand why the page shifts DOWNWARD when you delete something from the BOTTOM of the page. Shouldn't it either stay where it is and what's underneath shift UP to take it's place? Nope, it doesn't.


      Really? Does it have to be that hard to do, BN? I thought of doing it on my device...but I couldn't find an archive this book option, only move to cloud. They were already in the cloud, I wanted them archived so I HAD to go to the website and go through that painful process. I also tried my Nook for PC, but it freezes up bad with that many books on it so the website was actually faster. But...really? 


      We've been complaining about this for a couple of years now. Other sites have the ability to manage multiple books at one time in their library management system...why not BN? PLEASE!!


      Many of us are getting a pretty good size library by now after a few years of owning ereaders, so we really need an easier way to manage large libraries!