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      • 15. Re: The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)

        Metadata issue - I'm anal about proper title. 




        Stand    It's not "Stand". It's "THE Stand". 














        Yeah, I notice that in a LOT of eBooks that anything that has italics tend to be mushed together with something of a normal font. 

        • 16. NOOKbook won't advance

          Reading a book "Scarecrow" and when reached around page 180 or so the nook sent me back to home page, now when I go into the book to look takes me to page 176 but when I try to advance page says 'Opening book' and takes me to nook home page again. How do I finish the book.



          • 17. Re: NOOKbook won't advance

            Archive the book.

            Then move the selection to some other book in your B&N library.

            Then check for new B&N content, and the problem book should disappear into your archive.

            Then scroll the selections on the touch screen down and select "Show Archived items"

            Select the book and download it again.


            Also try a different font size sometimes works.

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              It still does the same thing, when I open the book it goes to page 176 (where I started reading last), the lower screen does not come up but it just goes back to the library page again, is there something wrong with the book, Matthew Reilly - Scarecrow.

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                I would look to archive then unarchiving "World of Warcraft".  It looks fine on our end.


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                  I moved this over to this board because it appears to be an issue with the eBook itself although I could not duplicate it on my end.  With the understanding that you followed icebike's advice, try this (but do not skip a step)...

                  On the NOOK,
                  1.Tap on "My Library" from the Home screen (all of these steps are done in your "Library" on your NOOK)
                  2. Highlight the eBook (that you were unable to access) and tap "View Item Details & Options".
                  3. Then tap "Archive" and follow the on-screen prompts
                  4. Then tap "Check for New B&N Content" and wait for it to complete.


                  Once this update is completed,at this point, power down your NOOK by holding the power button down for about 20 seconds so that your NOOK powers off. Then hold the power button for about 2-4 seconds and allow your NOOK to fully boot up. 

                  Then you want to Unarchive the eBook in order to re-download the content

                  1. Ensure that you are still in My B&N Library section of My Library
                  2. Navigate to and Highlight the eBook you want to download (it should be grayed out).
                  3. Tap "View Item Details & Options".
                  4. Tap "Unarchive." and then tap "ok"
                  5. Then tap "Check for New B&N Content" and wait for it to complete.

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                    Cutting for Stone ISBN: 030727134X


                    Throughout the book apostrophes are missing in contractions.  shed for she'd,  well for we'll, etc.

                    • 22. Re: NOOKbook won't advance


                      Has your issue been resolved?

                      • 23. Re: cover art, The Devil in Winter


                        Can you send me via Private Message the order number for when you purchased that eBook?

                        • 24. Re: cover art, The Devil in Winter

                          Pleased to report that cover art is available for Devil in Winter :~)

                          • 25. Reply:NOOKbook Correction Thread

                            Bought all three e-books on the same day

                            Page numbers of the e-books are incorrect


                            Desperate Choices by Kathy Ivan

                            ISBN: 1426890613

                            The book shows the number of pages being 481 but the book is really supposed to be about 190 pages or so (I think)

                            Example of the incorrect page numbering: 1,2,4,7,9,16,23,31,36,43... and so on

                            The example of the incorrect page numbering is really suppose to be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 but it shows the wrong page numbers. And its the same incorrect page numbering in the following books The Sevenfold Spell and Mercy.



                            Desperate Choices




                            The Sevenfold Spell by Tia Nevitt

                            ISBN: 1426890605

                            The book shows the number of pages being 204 but the book is supposed to be shorter

                            Example of the page numbering: 1,2,4,7,8,10,13,20,28,35,42,51... and so on



                            The Sevenfold Spell  


                            Mercy by Eleri Stone

                            ISBN: 1426890559

                            The book shows the number of pages being 259 but the book is supposed to be shorter

                            Example of the page numbering: 1,2,4,7,8,11,18,27,29,36,44,52,60,68... and so on







                            Still going to read the e-books even though the page numbering is wrong 



                            • 26. missing Cover shows as blank page in The Gathering Storm

                              Although it will show the tiny cover in the display covers function, when you open the ebook The Gathering Storm (Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson), and GO TO Cover, you get a blank page.


                              It would be great if the ebook could be redone with the artwork instead of a blank page!

                              • 27. Re: title inconsistencies in Mike Shepherd's "Kris Longknife" series

                                I'll start off by admitting that the titles are a bit weird in Mike Shepherd's "Kris Longknife" series, and I'll cheerfully blame him for any confusion.  The covers are always printed "Kris Longknife ________", with the last word all in capitals.  For example, the first three are "Kris Longknife MUTINEER", "Kris Longknife DESERTER", "Kris Longknife DEFIANT", etc. 


                                The urge, of course, is either to add punctuation, or to only title it by the third, varying word.  Shepherd, on his website, usually refers to it by the third word, or by the whole title, with a -- in between.  B&N seems to vary on the site between using the last word (Mutineer, Deserter, Intrepid) and using the whole title with a colon (Kris Longknife : Redoubtable).  And, just to keep you guessing, the same book seems to be available, just titled both ways.  On my NOOK, most of mine are single word titles, with the series in parentheses; however, I also have Kris Longknife Undaunted, with no punctuation at all.


                                At this point, I don't much care which system B&N adopts (Mutineer; Kris Longknife -- Mutineer; Kris Longknife : Mutineer; Kris Longnife Mutineer), but could his books (and all his future ones) have a consistent title scheme?



                                • 28. Re: The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)

                                  Please replace missing cover art for:


                                  Bake Sale Murder by Leslie Meier ISBN-13-9780758253767



                                  • 29. Re: The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)

                                    A thought:


                                    I appreciate that you're posting here or emailing us when things are fixed.  However, that doesn't address the other thousands of people who have downloaded books and don't realize that there is a new, corrected version available.  Could it be possible in the future to have some way of alerting people that there is a new version to download?  Or an automatic download?

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