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        Enchanting the Lady  


        • There are formatting errors in this ebook. Some of the words are not properly space and end up combined.  There are too many pages to list here, since it happens throughout the ethier book.
        • 31. Re: Deadline ISBN-13: 9780307562623

          Deadline by Randy Alcorn   ISBN-13: 9780307562623


          Text size and type cannot be changed. 


          Attempts to change the font or size result in the pop-up which states that the text is being changed; then the requested font and size are listed on the touch screen, but the font and size remain the same--Amais, small (I think).

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            The Devil in Miss Shimmer    The title doesnt match the book.


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              wordsandmelodies wrote:

              A thought:


              I appreciate that you're posting here or emailing us when things are fixed.  However, that doesn't address the other thousands of people who have downloaded books and don't realize that there is a new, corrected version available.  Could it be possible in the future to have some way of alerting people that there is a new version to download?  Or an automatic download?

              I totally agree.  When we buy a DTB, we know they're corrected for future editions just by looking in the first page for edition number, but there's almost no errors in silly stuff (wrong title, wrong cover page, missing MetaData, etc)


              This one, we won't know.   I think there SHOULD be some sort of notification webpage that has all the errors for books, and whether it has been fixed, ready to be re-downloaded or not fixed yet.  If there's a site that can update the statuses of known errors, that would totally be awesome. 


              • 34. Food Rules - Michael Pollan

                Food Rules - by Michael Pollan


                Food Rules 


                Read part of this book in the store to decide if I wanted to purchase it. It was too painful, lots of words broken into 3 words and italicsrunning into the next word.


                I didn't buy it.

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                  @Michael-V -- Duplicate book listing?


                  The below books appear to be the same book with different title's, ISBNs and cover art.  Book #1 has a title that does not reflect the book number in the series (like the others do) but great cover art.  Book #2 has "ugly" cover art (I know there may be licensing issues -- just making sure it is in this case) but has a cleaner title for sorting in my Nook.


                  I'd like to see (if possible):

                  1. One listing for the eBook if possible
                  2. Use of the "nicer: cover art in the the single listing (or in both if needed/possible)
                  3. Consistent book title (preferably the one identifying the book number in the series).

                  Thanks for doing what can be done!!



                  Book #1

                  Grave Peril: A Novel of The Dresden Files

                  Book #2

                  Grave Peril (Dresden Files Series #3)

                  • Pub. Date: November 2008
                  • Publisher: Penguin Group US
                  • Sold By: PENGUIN GROUP (USA) KIRKWOOD -
                  • Format: eBook, 384pp
                  • Sales Rank: 3,253
                  • Series: Dresden Files Series , #3
                  • File Size: 358 KB
                  • ISBN-13: 9781440653902
                  • ISBN: 1440653909
                  • 36. Re: missing Cover shows as blank page in The Gathering Storm


                    To maintain the same format, can you please supply the ISBN also for "The Gathering Storm"?

                    • 37. Re: title inconsistencies in Mike Shepherd's "Kris Longknife" series
                      Can you supply the ISBN's?
                      • 38. Re: The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)


                        Please state at least one specific page where this is occurring.



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                          This could be the way ePUb shows the actual page on our NOOK and NOOK Apps and not the way the screen has divided up.  At times you can turn a page three times but it tells you the same page.  These look fine.


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                            Michael-V wrote:
                            This could be the way ePUb shows the actual page on our NOOK and NOOK Apps and not the way the screen has divided up.  At times you can turn a page three times but it tells you the same page.  These look fine.


                            I just experienced the same problem with the book I am reading.  It starts on page 1 (click forward) page 4, (click forward) page 16, etc.  I know what you are saying though, about clicking forward 3 times and still being on the same page.  That is not the case here.  The numbering is completely off.  BUT, if you download the book from BN.com (from your eLibrary) and then sideload it...there is no numbering issue at all, pages go from 1>2>3>etc.  Odd.  But, I'd rather sideload it and have correct pages then see the numbering go completely whacky.


                            EDIT: Sorry, I should have said the eBook in my case was a PDB file.


                            • 41. Re: title inconsistencies in Mike Shepherd's "Kris Longknife" series


                              I'm not trying to make your life miserable by not including ISBNs, Michael-V, I'm just not sure how you want me to do this.  When I'm referring to one particular book, it's easy enough.  But the inconsistency is having several different title systems for only one series.  Umm, here goes I guess... 


                              (Mostly the previous post with lots of ISBNs) 


                              I'll start off by admitting that the titles are a bit weird in Mike Shepherd's "Kris Longknife" series, and I'll cheerfully blame him for any confusion.  The covers are always printed "Kris Longknife ________", with the last word all in capitals.  For example, the first three are "Kris Longknife MUTINEER", "Kris Longknife DESERTER", "Kris Longknife DEFIANT", etc. 


                              The urge, of course, is either to add punctuation, or to only title it by the third, varying word.  Shepherd, on his website, usually refers to it by the third word, or by the whole title, with a -- in between.  B&N seems to vary on the site between using the last word (Mutineer, Deserter, Intrepid) and using the whole title with a colon (Kris Longknife : Redoubtable).  For examples of one (last) word titles, see 9781429578745, 9781440622342, 9781440622335, 9781440601507, 9781440624407, 9781101460740For all three words separated by a colon, see 9781101444573, 9781436274401, 9781436274456, 9781436285674, 9781101220191, 9781101078907.  And, just to keep you guessing, the same book seems to be available, just titled both ways.  See 9781436274401 and 9781440622342; 9781440622335 and 9781436274456; 9781436285674 and 9781440624407; 9781429578745 and 9781101220191; 9781440601507 and 9781101078907.  On my NOOK, most of mine are single word titles, with the series in parentheses; however, I also have Kris Longknife Undaunted, with no punctuation at all (9781101148914).


                              At this point, I don't much care which system B&N adopts (Mutineer; Kris Longknife -- Mutineer; Kris Longknife : Mutineer; Kris Longnife Mutineer), but could his books (and all his future ones) have a consistent title scheme?





                              I'll just say that I was a lot more cheerful finishing this post the first time than I am now.  The first time felt like I was contributing to something, helping to make improvements in the organization of my favorite bookstore, so that future readers could find books easier and have a better-organized library.  This time around, it feels like I just spent a good chunk of my time cleaning up someone else's lack of organization, and doing a job for free that someone else should have been paid to do.  This isn't one weird quirk that could take hours to find in a list of 200 titles; this is eight different books, mostly listed twice; they are ALL inconsistent.  I don't mind recording a few errors as examples for publishers, but doing someone else's job for them feels like I'm being taken advantage of. 


                              • 42. Re: The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)

                                Here's one.

                                The book is supposed to Ready by Lucy Monroe.  The ISBN on the site is 9780758222046.  The book cover is for something called Take Two by E. Anderson.  The title of the book on the website is NS.


                                I downloaded the sample, the book is Ready by Lucy Monroe, although one would never know that by the book cover or title.


                                Here's the link to it.




                                • 43. Re: Reply:eBook Correction Thread

                                  I apologize once again, I left out other information.  Guess I need some coffee.


                                  eBook: "Somebody Killed His Editor" by Josh Lanyon

                                  ISBN: 9781605045856

                                  Pages affected: ? -  The page numbering is just off.  Not sure if it's my specific download or if it's the PDB file in general? See my post above for other info.  Thanks!


                                  • 44. Re: Reply:NOOKbook Correction Thread

                                    Michael-V wrote:



                                    This could be the way ePUb shows the actual page on our NOOK and NOOK Apps and not the way the screen has divided up.  At times you can turn a page three times but it tells you the same page.  These look fine.

                                    When you get multiple page turns per page, yeah. You have to expect that with EPUBs on a small-screen reader.


                                    However, there are some cases where you get multiple pages per page turn. Which is just freaky. I think that's what darkangel_1988 is experiencing.


                                    Here's what I've seen cause that particular problem. The Adobe EPUB reader software synthesizes page numbers based on the size of the compressed xhtml files. It assigns one page per 1K of compressed data, or any fraction thereof. Most of the time this works fairly well. But what I've seen go wrong is when the publisher sticks the CSS-2 style information inline in the xhtml file instead of using an external style sheet file. Then all of that CSS-2 stuff gets counted as "pages", but it's not book text and none of it shows up on the screen. So it's like every chapter you open, NOOK skips maybe 5 to 10 pages that are nothing but CSS-2 code. And the total page count for the e-book also reflects all of those non-displayed pages.


                                    It's a poor way to construct an EPUB, but it is legitimate. And it does throw Adobe's synthesized page-numbering for a loop.


                                    I think this stuff tends to come from the publisher saving an MS Word document into HTML form, one chapter at a time, then simply wrapping the HTML files up into an EPUB. I suspect that the HTML files saved by MS Word each contain the inline CSS-2.


                                    All of the titles mentioned by darkangel_1988 are from the Carina Press e-book-only arm of Harlequin.


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