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    Words with Friends Question for Android

      I bought the WWF app for my Nook Color and like it. I was just given a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for Christmas but when I went to the Goole Play store and The Appstore for Amazon, the only version I could find was a free one with annoying ads. I downloaded it and signed in and it picked up where I was on my NC but I don't like the way it displays and the ads are a real pain.  Surely there is a paid version for Android?  Did I just miss the paid app?




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          Lulugirl, I haven't been able to find the paid version either.


          I think companies sort of go with what works best in the app store.


          So iPad/iPhone you'll see all three variants


          - Paid

          - Free with Ads

          - Free with In-App Purchases.


          Android seems to be very tailored towards Free with Ads. There are also lots of Free with In-App Purchases type apps.


          Perhaps WWF company found that paid sales for its apps were so low that it wasn't worth the effort.


          If I can find a paid version I'll let you know.


          Also, I also dislike ads in apps too.