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      • 210. Re: The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)

        Title: Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy #1: Heir to the Empire




        • Page 9: "raid.. . ." should be "raid. . ."
        • Page 12: "annoyed.. . ." should be "annoyed. . ."
        • Page 22: "here.. . ." should be "here. . ."
        • Page 43: "Emperors Guardian" should be "Emperor's Guardian"
        • Page 46: "Emperors purposes" should be "Emperor's purposes"
        • Page 55: "Mori Motha" should be "Mon Mothma"
        • Page 56: "Captains report" should be "Captain's report"
        • Page 57: "New Republics pantheon" should be "New Republic's pantheon"
        • Page 192: "call.. . ." should be "call. . ."
        • Page 269: "Emperors help" should be "Emperor's help"
        • 211. Re: The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)

          Title: Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy #2: Dark Force Rising

          ISBN: 0307796183



          • Page 25: "civilians X-wing" should be "civilian's X-wing"
          • Page 29: "land of aliens" should be "kind of aliens"
          • Page 42: "land of numb horror" should be "kind of numb horror"
          • Page 45: "land of discretion" should be "kind of discretion"
          • Page 47: "JEDI MASTER TRA 'S M' INS" should be "JEDI MASTER TRA'S M'INS"
          • Page 71: "bounty hunter land" should be "bounty hunter kind"
          • Page 76: Extra period after the quotation ending in "constitutes mutinity"
          • Page 86: "land of a watering hole" should be "kind of a watering hole"
          • Page 96: "land of deal" should be "kind of deal"
          • Page 106: "land of fight" should be "kind of fight"
          • Page 128: "(ace the maitrakh" should be "face the maitrakh"
          • Page 132: "land of deliberate" should be "kind of deliberate"
          • Page 146: "land of story" should be "kind of story"
          • Page 151: "land of natural fighting skill" should be "kind of natural fighting skill"
          • Page 181: "position in-the new government" should be "position in the new government" (extra hyphen)
          • Page 270: "Apparenlty" should be "Apparently"
          • Page 276: "Was Captain" should be "Was, Captain" (missing comma)
          • Page 282: "cell for help" should be "call for help"
          • Page 349: "equipped with ion cannon" should be "equipped with ion cannons"
          • Page 353: "with their ion cannon" should be "with their ion cannons"


          Additionally, the extra "three asterisks" were left in on the following pages. They are used to denote section breaks in a real-world book when a page end coincides with a section end, so that a normal blank line between paragraphs doesn't suffice. In an ePub, this doesn't make sense, and they should be uniformly replaced with blank lines between paragraphs.

          • Page 72
          • Page 198
          • Page 291
          • Page 353
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            Title: Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy #2: The Last Command

            ISBN: 0307796205



            • Page 9: "Leaving the Empires true target" should be "Leaving the Empire's true target"
            • Page 15: "collection of Spaart cloning cylinders" should be "collection of Spaarti cloning cylinders"
            • Page 17: "escort X-wings blew the" should be "escort X-wings blew the" (extra italics)
            • Page 54: "Giving the searchers" should be "Giving the searchers" (extra italics)
            • Page 57: "wrenching it hard to star-board" should be "wrenching it hard to starboard"
            • Page 73: missing an open quote before "I still don't buy Skywalker's numbers"
            • Page 74: "Kern's Pride" should be "Kern's Pride" (missing italics on possessive)
            • Page 76: "more likely that were their target" should be "more likely that we're their target"
            • Page 80: "well have our forward base" should be "we'll have our forward base"
            • Page 80: "stil in the future" should be "still in the future"
            • Page 82: "Wed have to get a team" should be "We'd have to get a team"
            • Page 91: Missing period after second italicized "All right"
            • Page 98: "I love you, Hari" should be "I love you, Han"
            • Page 117: "I think they're waking up" should be "I think they're waking up" (extra italics)
            • Page 124: "Jabba the Hurt" should be "Jabba the Hutt"
            • Page 130: "rendition over the ship thief s" should be "rendition over the ship thief's"
            • Page 145: "The Empires found some" should be "The Empire's found some"
            • Page 230: "Delta Sources mere existence" should be "Delta Source's mere existence"
            • Page 247: "he. reminded them" should be "he reminded them"
            • Page 254: Missing blank line (section break) after "Let's get started"
            • Page 268: "Isn't, it" should be "Isn't it"
            • Page 282: Missing blank line (seciton break) after "Eventually, he fell asleep"
            • Page 286: "does not simply' shut down" should be "does not simply shut down"
            • Page 305: "both Wayland and the. Bilbringi shipyards" should be "both Wayland and the Bilbringi shipyards"
            • Page 314: "I'm surprised the group's held together" should be "I'm suprised the group's held together" (extra italics)
            • Page 315: "His comm display changed, the vanguard" should be "His comm display changed: the vanguard" (comma should be colon; verified with print copy)
            • Page 322: "What-did you want" should be "What did you want" (extra hyphen)
            • Page 324: "hunt their prey Here, they're going to" should be "hunt their prey. Here, they're going to" (missing period)
            • Page 362: "Just a little banged up" should be "Just a little banged up" (extra italics)
            • 213. Re: The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting) - Dry Manhattan
              Does anyone know if Dry Manhattan downloads with a cover? The sample didn't, and while I want to buy this book, I don't want it w/o its cover. TIA.
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                I guess I'll post here for starters.. though this is a "metadata" issue only by the most generous interpretation.


                Title: Faust, Part I

                ISBN: 9780140449013


                I went shopping for Goethe's Faust, and I specifically wanted a newer translation, rather than one of the old ones that are out there. Oh, Penguin Classics published one in 2005? That ought to fill the bill. Check out this screen shot.



                However, the edition that was delivered was from Mobile Reference and was a repackaging of a public domain text. Now, looking at it again, I see that the cover displayed on the postage stamp-sized nook matches that on the Mobile Reference edition. Other than that, there's no indication that you're buying anything except the Penguin Classics one. (I don't remember if there was anything in the checkout process to give me a clue--if I try to add it to my cart again it just says I already have it.)


                This is clearly misleading, and I'd suggest that the web page be fixed so that the different translations don't appear together. At the very least, there needs to be enough information displayed so that it's obvious you're not buying the same book.


                I would also like a refund (or even a copy of the Penguin version), but so far no answer from the Customer Service email.

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                  underarock wrote:


                  so far no answer from the Customer Service email.

                  Don't email Customer Service, call them. 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665). The email service is a low-priority (48-hour turnaround) FAQ service. The responses are generally either a section of the FAQ — often one that isn't even relevant — or "call us."


                  You'll need to talk to them on the phone to get anything done. Email won't do the job.


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                    I have found an issue in Chapter 14 of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.  I don't have my Nook with me at the moment but it was only a couple of pages into the chapter.  At my font size it is between where Katniss is talking about her promise to kill Snow and the paragraph that talks about the "bright" minds.

                    • 217. Re: The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)

                      It seems that not only my Nook Color but the PC version of this book shows up with no apostrophes  through the whole book - which makes it a bit daunting to read.


                      Everything else with it seems to be fine, and I can't find a copy of this in print close by to see if this is more than a ebook issue. I've tried in both publisher defaults and text format incase it was a format issue and no luck.


                      Heidegger's Glasses  

                      • 218. Re: The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)

                        Pardon, its been one of those days. Quotation marks. Not apostrophes. (Though I think those are missing to), but other punctuation is there. 

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                          Title: Unwelcome (Archangel Academy Series #2)

                          Author: Michael Griffo

                          ISBN-13: 9780758253392


                          Issue/Error location: Page 12


                          First part of second sentence: He liked how it felt and so he kept his eyes closed even though he wasn???t sleeping,......


                          The ??? means that the character code can't be read. So I'm assuming an incorrect code was put in other than the one for apostrophe. It shows up as ??? on my computer but as three blocks on my iPad nook. The blocks are rather annoying. Appreciate it!

                          • 220. Re: The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)

                            Title: Slave Boy

                            Author: Evangeline Anderson

                            ISBN-13: 9781596327542


                            Needs a total review ??? everywhere and shows up as blocks on my iPad nook. Character codes need to be checked!!!! All these blocks and ??? really kill the whole thing.

                            • 221. Re: The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)

                              Title: Dead Harvest

                              Author: Chris F. Holm
                              ISBN-13: 9780857662187


                              This new release does not have a thumbnail cover art. I was told this is the place to report that kind of information, so I hope I'm in the right place!

                              • 222. Re: The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)

                                An easy way to add cover art on any epub is to


                                1) get the reader Calibre (useful for scads of things such as stripping DRM from B&N ebooks and others, and converting between various formats);


                                2) import the book into the Calibre list (which means it will make an extra copy under a Calibre Library folder);


                                3) use the metadata edit feature to browse to a cover image (this feature will check two or three places, plus you can navigate to an image you've saved on your PC); and finally


                                4) "covert" the book from epub to epub.


                                As well as adding the cover you should make sure you are happy with the metadata shown, especially for title and author. Also, in the title listing, make sure language is visible and that it is correct. When you create the new epub, all the corrections will be incorporated into that file. If you simply make chages using the metadata editor, the program will go by those changes but will not change the original epub file.

                                • 223. Re: The NOOKbook Correction Thread (Meta-data/Formatting)

                                  ISBN-13: 9780982441466


                                  The current Free Fridays book, Sylvia Nobel's The Devil's Cradle, misspells her surname as "Noble" in the metadata.

                                  • 224. Dead Game, Kirk Russell, ISBN 9780811873680

                                    This ebook does not show anything for the author even though it has an opf:file-as="" (sic) in the <dc:creator>. Also the <dc:title> is given as DEADGAME (all caps, one word).

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