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    Erase and De-Register Device

      If I de-register my device, will the apps I purchased through Google Play still be there? I know I can redownload the apps from my BN account but what about my Google one? I know that Flappy Bird is no longer available, but since I have it on my NOOK, I am wary of the Erase setting. However, I need to use it! If not, is there a way to get rid of all personal information and connection to my BN account without erasing every app on the tablet?

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          Just register to your same Google (Gmail) account.  All of your Play Store apps will still be there including the discontinued Flappy Bird.  If you have already purchased it will be attached to your Play Store account until you choose to delete the app from your account.


          After uninstalling an app or a device reset, you can find those apps again in the Play Store menu under "My Apps" and selecting the "All" tab.


          Unfortunately, if you choose or need to Erase/Deregister, or need to change your BN account email which requires a reset, it wipes the device memory clean and you start from scratch.  But your purchases remain intact.

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              A word of caution over Flappy Birds... Playstore has pulled TVCatchup app, and though it's on my Nook and I have it on the same Google Playstore account, it is not there for me to download onto my phone.  It has just disappeared from the store, My Apps and All My Apps.

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                  Thats good to know AlbionRose.  I didnt realize a pulled app did not remain on an account. Does anyone here know if its possible to backup an installed app in order to install as an apk later?

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                      Appwererabbit is awesome for this as well and I ended up buying the license key for I believe $1.99. It backs up to your SD card every time there's an update or install done so you have every .apk version and can install from any of them.


                      One word, take the SD card out before you deregister and redo the Nook or it will format the SD card and you'll loose everything on it.


                      G Cloud Backup Free offers online cloud storage and you can pick which folders you want backed up so you can backup the Appwererabbit folder to G Cloud for a little extra security as well.


                      Both apps are automatic once set up and you don't even need to know they're working if you turn off notifications.

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                    What about game levels purchased?


                    I recently switched cable companies.  I asked BN.com, via chat, if I had to re-register my Nook and was told I really should do so.  Mentioned that I'd purchased several levels of various games, e.g Pet Rescue Saga, Candy Crush, etc., and would I have to re-purchase them.  I was advised no, I wouldn't. 


                    As you mentioned, the device memory is wiped clean and I had to start from scratch.  I can live with that, but I've just reached the next level of Pet Rescue Saga, and it's saying I have to pay the $0.99 again for that next level.  I purchased it back in October.  In all I purchased 3 levels of Pet Rescue Saga, 5 of Candy Crush and 2 on another game before I re-registered my Nook. 


                    You say purchases remain intact, but does that go for game levels purchased?  and if yes, how do I get those levels back.  I'd rather not shell out another $10 for these levels.  It's not that much, but when you're retired, you watch your spending. 


                    I went to Google Play Store and re-installed all my apps, but the levels don't seem to have come along with the games...


                    I have the same Google account registered.  Added another, but the 'old' one is still there.  Help please.  Thanks.