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    Gifting E-Books Now at B&N

      I saw a post regarding this on the Tablet Board and was skeptical....


      However, I inquired tonight at my Local B&N and was told yes you can gift an E-book.


      I was told that they just received the instructions on how to do it, but have not processed one yet.


      The other post noted that you have the B&N salepersons print out the ISBN number of the book and you also need the e-mail address of the person you are gifting the book to.   They receive an e-mail with a code that they redeem for the book.



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          Excellent this is fabulous news.

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            Hi all,


            Actually, this feature has been around for around 2-3 months, at least in my store.


            At customer service you can request a print out of the ebook you would like, either for yourself, or as a gift. Then you take the paper to the cashier and tell them the email of the person your are sending it to. They can look up the email if they are a member but if you don't know the email, you can send it to yourself and then forward the email to the recipient. If you know their email and they are not a BN member, you can also verbally say it to the cashier. There is an activation code on your receipt as well as in the email from BN. BN will provide an envelope to store the receipt in. The recipient has to enter the code on http://www.bn.com/redeem when signed into their account. As a heads up, check that the price of the ebook is accurate on the print out and that you are not paying the book price.


            @Nom-de-Nook (love your username)


            This e-mail can be sent to any email address that the recipient has access to; it does not need to be the email address registered with the NOOK device. The recipient does need to sign into their account when they vist http://www.bn.com/redeem and enter the activation code they received in the email or on the recepit. Unfortunately, at this time, it is not possible to create a delivery date for the email nor do this online.


            The store receives credit for the sale so it is a great way to support your local B&N. Hopefully this clears any confusion; please let me know if you have any more questions about this process. -Melissa

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              this is pretty great! thanks for the info

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                Why don't they send out emails about things like this?  This is great news!

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                  I had a bad experience this week trying to gift an ebook to my cousin.  I did everything it asked me to do, the book showed up on my book but never on hers.  She never received an e-mail, either.  I spent 20 minutes on the phone tonight with customer service. She said she had no training on how to deal with the problem, and indeed could not solve the problem.  I finally asked for a refund, which she was processing, but said it could take one or two billing cycles to receive.


                  I'm really disappointed.  I hoped my cousin could have the book for her Florida vacation, which is beginning as I write this.  My nook color has been a great product so far, but this experience makes me not want to try gifting things again.  It would have been easier and quicker to find an illegal copy, download it and e-mail to her.  Please fix this, and train your customer service reps!

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                    i tried it for th first time and sent two apps to my daughter... the emails never got to her at all. customer service was very helpful...well the second one was :smileyhappy: asked for another the first one was hopless,lol


                    second one on the phone resent the emails to my daghter and all was fine. i have found if the first customer service person is taking forever "getting it" dont waste time ask for a suproviser and move on quickly !!!!

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                      What's more, now you can send e-cards to your loved ones Nooks. Just did a quick search on BN site and there is a lot of Valentine's Day cards there: