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    Please Increase Number of Authors

      I'd like to pose the suggestion that Pubit increase the number of authors that can be entered on a Nookbook.  I am a part of an anthology that just came out today.  It has 9 authors and only 5 can be listed.  This is patently unfair to the other four authors, as the anthology can't be found by searching for any of us...only by the top 5 authors.  I hate to point out the competition, but Amazon does not have this low limit and allows you to list everyone.

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           I agree.  I've been telling people about the anthology all day and if they can't remember the name of it and want to search for it under my name, they're aren't going to be able to find it.  That's a loss for Barnes and Noble and the charity the proceeds go to.

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            It's certainly difficult to understand why there would be a limit on the number of authors allowed to be credited for their work. When authors get together to create an anthology in order to expand their readership by cross-promotion with other authors, not allowing linkage to the all of the contributing authors means a loss of sales for all participants and for Barnes and Noble. An anthology with several stories by successful authors represents a great value for readers. I hope the idea of getting nine great stories for under a buck will result in a lot of happy customers. B&N, please fix this problem and encourage more such cooperative efforts in the future.

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              I agree with all above. I realize that this would be a business decision on B&N's part to invest the programming time needed to increase the number of authors that can be included. Doing this would increase the potential traffic throughout the site and (presumably) lead to more sales overall. You guys can do the math on that one.


              If nothing else, it would put the author listings for Nookbooks back on equal footing with books available on that other reader that starts with a "K" ... that shall remain nameless.