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    Paragraph indents not consistent

      Loaded one of my books to this service and everything looked fine.  Loaded the second book and immediately noticed all the initial pages (cover page, acknowledgments, etc., ran together.  Regular text pages are okay.  But, paragraph indents are all different.  Some are all the way across the page on the second book (have not placed this one on sale yet).  Went back and previewed more pages in the first book and found the same problem well into the book. 


      Any ideas what's going on here?  I uploaded an RTF converted from the PDF of my print books.  I'm thinking that is the problem.  I don't have and can't afford Adobe software, so I can't edit the PDF.  I'm relying on Adobe's free conversion service to take the files from PDF to Word or to RTF.

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          I used Word 2003 and saved as .doc. I had no problems. With Word 2007 and 2010. save as Word 97-2003. I used .15 first line indent in Format in Word. 1.5 spacing. I have text and pictures. Don't use .rtf. Don't use PDF. It's easier that you think. I hope this helps and ask questions about it if you need to. I used page break between picture page and text page. Use page break or section break between chapters. Nothing fancy. Good luck.