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    "MyNookSetup" only item in Nook drive on Win 7 laptop.

      When trying to transfer ADE files to my HD all I get when I plug in my nook to my Win 7 HP laptop is "MyNookSetup" in the nook drive. No folders and it doesn't show up as the model number either, just Nook (H:smileyhappy: > MyNookSetup. Whem I tried draging a book or music file to it, it prompts me with "no space available". On my 16 GB HD with only 2% full. Hum. 


      I was on the phone for over an hour with tech support last night and the answer I eventually got was "There's something wrong with your nook." I was able to exchange it within half an hour. I set up the second nook and then plugged it in to my computer. Same issue, no folders and no space available. 


      Anyone have the same issues or have some insight?