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    Enhanced book Error Cannot open

      I purchased an enhanced book a few days before Christmas (started with sample which worked fine) but the full version will not open at all. I get an error message saying there was an error opening book. It shuts down the reader. I've moved it to the cloud and redownloaded it numerous times over the past three weeks. Is there something else I should try? I haven't had a chance to make it to the nearest BN store. Can they do refunds or do I need to call the 800 number? I know they don't refund ebooks but will they make an exception in this case? There is a non enhanced version of the same book for $8 less that I'm willing to buy instead but I want my $11 credited before I do that. TIA, Allie
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          Allie, hopefully Alex or NookConception or Mercury Glitch or someone from B&N steps in and provides a more precise answer.


          Store can do refunds.


          1)It's better to get a refund in store because you can show the Store people the issue. Then you'll definitely get a refund.


          2) If you call up the 1800 number and let them know they will do a return usually. It has to be soon though.