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        Thanks for the update, gb.  They also released, or should I say, are about to release two new ereaders.  The improved Kindle and the Kindle voyager.  The voyager is a bit expensive at $199.00.  Some people in the Kindle forums are not that impressed.  


        Let's see what B&N has to offer in the e-ink realm.  I am looking forward to something better than the NGL.

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            Ugh, these tech reporters always sound so clueless. A number of them are reporting that the HDX is lighter than the iPad. Well, duh, I'd hope so, as it's a smaller screen. And they're reporting it runs kit kat, like it's new or something. Techradar says the Voyage "could be Amazon's paperwhite killer," as if Amazon has been searching for a device to...take down it's own flagship device. Lol. Sometimes I wonder if tech reporters are all Luddites - it would explain why they seem to know nothing about what they're reporting.
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            I agree with Mercury.  It is becoming difficult to go for a B&N e-ink reader that in terms of sofware is blatantly behind its competitors.  I still use my NST.  I purchased the NSTG when it was released and sold it recently on ebay because when compared to other e-ink readers that do the same, it was blatantly obvious that it was behind other e-readers in terms of capabilities.  (That's my opinion).  I played at my local B&N store with the newest version of the Glowlight and was somewhat disappointed.  The KPW is far more advanced and has a better iluminated screen.  So does the Kobo Glow. 


            I will hold on for a while to my NST, that is until its functional life end.  Since I am not a big fan of AZN, I think I may be paying a seriois visit to Kobo.  Paradoxically speaking, a few years ago, nobody would pay any attention to them.  Even serious Kindle fans (some of them not very open-minded) have noticed Kobo's presence.

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                I, too, am hearing the siren call of the Voyage, but I tend to buy my tech when the certified refurbished items become available, so I have plenty of time to wait and watch. I find buying refurbished items (as long as I remain patient!) to be a great money saver and everytime I have done so, it arrives in a sealed box, like new with full warranty. I couldn't tell it had been refurbished at all.

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                I am going to wait for a few more months.  I believe B&N will launch a new e-ink device soon.  I hope it's a device capable to compete with the Auras and the overrated Kindles.  I am hoping to see a B&N's device more multi-lingual readers friendly.  


                Time will tell.

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                    my nstg still works, and I'd prefer to go with kobo since everything is in epub format, but the voyage is the only new eink device that has buttons, which I like having.  


                    I hope kobo will add that to their line, and I would be pretty surprised if bn makes a device interesting enough to purchase.  


                    I'm sitting two feet from the still-unrooted new glow right now, with no big motivation to boot Linux and run Renate's tools on it.

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                        So here we sit in this stupid position B&N has put us in:


                        • They're not releasing competitive devices, and seem determined to cripple what they do put out, particulary in terms of storing large libraries of content purchased from B&N.
                        • While B&N sells epub ebooks that can be viewed on other devices, they are now determined to keep us from moving B&N ebooks to other devices.
                        • Other companies sell superior ereaders. Other companies sell epub ebooks.

                        Only in B&N's mind does this translate to "... and NOW we've got 'em where we want 'em!"


                        It was only a month ago that I was very enthusiastic about the (then) newly-released NGTS and what seemed to be B&N's new direction. Now they've done a 180, and even B&N faithful are losing hope. Seems like B&N is getting some Ks... in the baseball sense.



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                      It's sad to admit, but B&N is losing ground here.  Its weak e-reader devices are going no where and the patience of the "faithful" is running thin.  Perhaps they will wait for another year to release another weak e-reader, which will be featuring "new" capabilities that we have already seen in previous competitor's devices.  Perhaps these "new" and "revolutionary" capabilities are new to the members of B&N's Board who obviously don't bother to use and support B&N's devices.

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                          My patience wore thin to the point of breaking...I pulled the trigger and ordered another device yesterday.


                          I've ALWAYS been a nook fangirl, from the release of the N1E until yesterday. Truth be told I will still root for BN and if they ever come out with a competitive ereader I'm there.


                          The problem with BN is that they started putting out devices in a haphazard not really caring way. The biggest example for me is the NGL. It came out last year to very little fanfare, three cheap covers and a sense that BN didn't care about what they put on the market. I tried my best to stand up and cheer for the NGL, but theres nothing to cheer about. I personally don't think the NGL is a great device. It freezes on me constantly, the contrast is terrible (to the point where I have to read with the backlight on all the time so avoid the annoyance of the grey background) and there is still no useful shelving.


                          Do I expect BN to fix everything or have the best device with every iteration? No. Do I expect them to try? Yes.


                          I don't need bells and whistles. I'm not talking about tablets. I don't need games or email/web capabilities when I just want to read. I expect that my ereader will give me as close to a real book reading experience as I can get without carrying around a physical book. I travel over an hour each way by subway to and from work. All I want to be able to do is pull out my ereader and lose myself in the words I'm reading until I get where I'm going. That doesn't necesarrily happen on a glitchy subpar unsupported device.


                          I'm tired of trying to explain to people who ask me why I'm so doggedly determined to hold on to my nook. I'm tired of glancing over at the person next to me with the PW wondering why my device doesn't have that kind of contrast.


                          Don't get me wrong, I don't think Amazon cares about its customers, but I do think they care about the bottom line which for them translates to really good CS that brings people back for more. I can say that from my own experience just last night. Some of the items I ordered were going to ship on October 21 even though they are currently in stock. I forgot to unclick the "group my items" button. I called, and not only did the CS rep seperate out the items in the order, he gave me free 2 day shipping so that I'll get everything on Monday. Who does that? Especially when you don't even ask? I was calling to correct my mistake not to complain.


                          I'm not trying to go overboard with sharing my business. I'm just trying to convey the frustration that I've felt over the years with staunchly defending BN. Now I'm confronted with the reality that if I want a top notch ereader, barring some miracle, its not going to come from BN. I don't feel all that great about it (I feel like a lemming, honestly). The moment BN actually takes a look and realizes that it can take advantage of and capitalize on loyalty I'm running right back. I'm not holding my breath.

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                          No company "cares about its customers" except insofar as it decides that customer service and customer loyalty are more important to its revenue than other, more readily managed, factors such as marketing, labor costs, cost of goods sold, transportation costs, etc.


                          What I want from a e-reader vendor is a great device, access to free books that I actually want to read, and excellent customer support. I don't expect them to care about me. 


                          I switched from my NOOK Glowlight to my first Kindle Paperwhite last year.  The display is substantially better, and it locks up once every few weeks, rather than every few days.  The selection of public library books in Kindle format is essentially the same as in ePub format (90% overlap, with some books available in only one of the two formats).  Now, with Kindle Unlimited @ $9.99/month, I am overwhelmed with books I want to read that aren't available in libraries.


                          When I had NOOKs (and I had several generations of them), I contacted B&N Customer Service several times, and never had a good experience. Over the years, I have contacted Amazon many times, via email, phone, and chat.  Every contact has resulted in a satisfactory resolution to my problem.  Go to their web site, describe your problem, and they will call you on the phone within a minute or so, or you can open a chat session immediately.  And the person you talk to will either solve the problem or quickly get someone on the line who can.


                          I keep following these forums to see if B&N will come up with a superior e-reader and fix their customer support problems. I have no political, moral, or ethical loyalty to Amazon, and I will cheerfully switch back to B&N when they can provide what I want at a better price.

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                            I've given up on B&N coming out with a new good ereader. I thought their first touch was their best, and they kept gertting worse after that. I broke down, dragged myself to Best Buy (which I hate) and bought a new Kindle Paperwhite and I love it. It's everything I kept hoping B&N would put out. Two of the biggest, and unexpected surprizes were 1. as of only a couple of months ago, they now have 4GB of space (and all available space is usable, not just 1/8th for sideloading) and 2. I paid $119, but it came ad-free. Score!


                            It has page numbers in the TOC, it tells me page number, time left in chapter, time left in book, percetage of book read, and a useable dictionary. I hate to give props to it on a Nook board, but B&N doesn't even seem to care what they put out. It's like they didn't even try with the Glowlight.

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                              I was never happy with the contrast of the Glow Light and then they did away with the page buttons. The last straw was when the rubber around the edge started coming off. I've had the Kindle Voyage for a couple weeks now and love it. The light is even and the print is dark. The page buttons are similar the old Nook. I'm a big library user so down loading books via wireless is definitely a plus. Yes, it's expensive but to me it's worth ever penny.