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    Rooting my nook

      Hi, im just asking can someone give me links to rooting the nook tablet to run andriod market.please could you look for simple tutorials im not really good at this kind of stuff.before you ask me how my tablet was rooted before is because my friend allowed me to borrow his  SD Card until he got himself a nook and asked for the card back.Thanks.

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          Alex Garcia
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            You can Google the topic and find all sorts of information.  But, you can also use a micro SD card to run Android with CM7 and not root the Nook.  That way, you have the benefits of Android and the full market and you can boot into the Nook operating system if you want to.  I have done it both ways and have found the SD card approach to be simpler.  You can check Adroid for Nook (AndroidforNook.com) or Nook 2 Andoid for information on the SD card solution.  I went with Android for Nook because Dean provides a simple and cost efffective solution to burn the Android image your own SD card or you can buy one already made from him.