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    Version 1.5 is now available!

      Just heard it on facebook

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          Sorry if this is already on this board somewhere, but i couldn't find it.


          I have tried both methods for the update and it won't work.


          If I manually download it, eject the nook, etc., it says "invalid update" in very small text in the lower left hand corner.


          If I try via wi-fi, it says "error downloading file"


          Any suggestions?



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            I kept getting an error message when trying to download the update via wifi.  I manually downloaded it to my computer but could not open it because it's a .dat file.  I plugged my Nook into the computer and dragged the file to my Nook where it installed without issue.  Hope this helps someone!

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              Answering my own post.  Hope this helps someone


              I called support, and tech walked me through the processs.  You may need to un-register your nook first.  Not sure why but this worked.


              Then plug into computer and do manual update following the instructions in the email or on the website


              Update should then work


              Re-register your nook

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                I went through the unregistering/re-registering thing six months ago, and I'm not going back through trying to restore all my non-BN content again.


                I haven't logged into BN by WiFi in a few months, and only thought about it tonight because of the upgrade email, but I will happily go back to my current book and the cyber-stack waiting on the Nook. Good luck on getting this update download problem worked out, and I'll check back in a month or two. 

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                  Thank you, B&N, for the update!


                  Like others, I got an error but, I imagine the servers were pretty busy sending out the updates.  So, I downloaded the update and installed it manually.  It was so easy and worked so well.


                  I LOVE MY NOOK!

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                    How do you report a bug to BN.   I updated to v1.5 with no problem.  However, when I open a book from my library (an epub that I downloaded from an online library), I get the correct book, but the picture of the book I am reading is the last one that I read from BN before I opened the borrowed book.


                    I guess with the million things that are tested, I found the one thing that doesn't work right, and just want to report it.

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                      Go to BN. I was there yesterday and when I turned my nook on and it automatically updated the nook with no problems at all.

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                        Went to BN. Nook updated automatically with no problems at all.

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                          I too had an error message when I first started the download.  Appears to have upgraded the software, as I was able to see the improvements after download completed. By the way, preformed the upgrade with local wifi.  But when I pressed the button to turn off for the night my screen went to the message, "Your NOOK is starting up" and now it just stays there.  I can't turn off or "wake up"  and suggestions?


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                            My up date went perfectly. Only thing is that it does not want to sync the book page from nook to IPhone. Anyone having this problem?

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                              My update was flawless.  It started as soon as I connected to my wireless network.


                              Page turns are much faster.

                              I love the new "sort by author" where the author is shown in a larger bold font and all of their books are listed below them.

                              I also found that I can now delete books without having to sync up to my PC!


                              Overall, a big improvement over the previous version.