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    Nook Color versus Kindle Fire


      Last year I was going to buy a Kindle Fire but a friend of mine thought it would be better to buy a Nook because of Customer Support and the various B&N stores available in the area.  So both she and I purchased the Nook Color.


      This year I bought an ipad which I LOVE and get all my books from B&N synched there.  I was going to give my Nook Color to my husband but he decided to buy a Kindle Fire second generation since the prices were slashed so low.  I have to tell you that I LOVE his Kindle Fire and am sorry that I had not initially purchased it instead of my Nook Color.  Here are the reasons why:


      If you LOVE to read which I do, every day there are tremendous daily bargains on books of all kinds.  There is also a free app of the day everyday.  Yes, I know there are ads but they do no intrude on the app.  They also have pay apps without ads.  It is like Christmas every day there.  Tons of free books daily and a free app.  My husband is kind enough to allow me to use his Kindle to check out the daily books which I download and have synched to my iPad.  The public library is much easier to access as well and you do not need to download the Overdrive app since it is included in the Kindle structure.  You just locate your library - select your book with Kindle associated books and type in your library card number. 


      They also have an extensive music library for those who like to download music.  For those who like to download videos and need more space, the Kindle Fire Second Generation is not for you.  You would need to buy the HD with more memory.  There is no option for an expansion slot as you have in B&N.  But for us older folks who mainly like to go to the web, play a few games and read alot, this is perfect.