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    N2A or AFN card

      I've hunted through these boards and nothing seems to be really recent. So I have to ask and I hope I did'nt miss anything current. How do I create my own card?

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          You have to do a search on Google or at the xda forums.


          There are lots of posts with information on how to make a Nook Android card.

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            Here is a web site that will lead you through building an SD card running Jellybean on the Nook Tablet.




            Once you wade through the instructions, it actually is pretty easy to build and to upgrade as iamafanof updates his files. Also, read through the forum because there are additional info in there. I have the version CM10_121208 which is his current update and it runs without a problem so far.

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              Succulent is the screen name here for iamafanof and his post about Jellybean started with this post here as

              "Jellybean SDCard IMG for NookTablet"

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                Thank you for the information you post here. I made own android SD card base on CM 10. I own an AFN SD card that I bought, I love it but it is slow and I have to shutdown the Nook several times. So I decided to try to make my own SD card base on CM 10. I like it better than AFN, it is faster and so far I woke up this morning and it is still fast and I don't have to shutdown the Nook to make run normal. Other thing make me decide to make the CM10 SD card is that the Nook will wake up not on AFN but on Nook native OS. sometimes it will just give you black screen then you have to press and hold the power button to reset it. So far the CM 10 run pretty stable. The only thing cons is that 16 GB SD only have lest than 1 GB free space after I install the CM10. I used to see 15 GB free space on my SD card using AFN. If someone has a fix on it I would appreciate it.
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                  If you use MiniTool Partion Wizard Home Edition (a free program, Google it to find a source) it can be used to resize the last partition on your SD card to increase its size to the maximum left on your card.

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                    Thanks, I try that. If you have the link please post it. But I Google it. Thanks again.
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                      It works. I have 14 GB space now on my Nook tablet running CM10. Will this work on any size of SD card? I really love my CM10 base jelly bean that I made myself. It run smoothly and fast on my sand disk 16 GB class 10.