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    Update 1.2.1 for Nook Simple Touch

      My Nook automatically installed the 1.2 update a month ago.  Yesterday, when I turned on WiFi, I saw a black screen with a white bubble saying something like Wait Updating, for an hour or so.  Today, with WiFi on, my Nook returned to the Nook Forever screen and, ten minutes later, a check of Settings | Device Info | About Your Nook revealed that Software version 1.2.1 had been installed.


      On checking, I have noticed nothing new with the 1.2.1 update.  What have others noticed?

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          That's mighty interesting, especially as the NST update page still shows 1.2 as the latest. And it still has no details about the changes in 1.2. You'd think B&N would be bragging about the improved dictionary, at least. I'll never understand why they think keeping their customers in the dark is a good strategy.

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            What is new in this 1.2.1 update? Is the web browser functional? How can be accessed?

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              I have read many complaints about Nook software. My Nook is working perfectly well, with qualifications, that I will explicitate.


               What bothers me is that I cannot understand the logic of B&N. My Nook works perfectly well because I don't buy books from B&N. Since I am not living in the USA right now, B&N doesn't sell me books. Therefore, I am forced to buy books from other bookstores, and read them on my Nook. Besides this,  books from other bookstores are not affected by software updates. The only two books that I bought from B&N disappeared from my Nook long ago.


              Here is what I cannot understand: Why B&N sold me a device that works well only for books bought from their competition? Why sell me a device for books bought from Kobo, Bookshelf, Cultura, FNAC, etc?


              The other thing I cannot understand is the reason for B&N not providing decent dictionaries. I suppose many Americans need an English dictionary. Let us face it, the dictionary that comes with the Nook is ludicrous. On the other hand, the Kindle comes with an excellent English dictionary. If I want, I can buy other excellent dictionaries from Amazon, ranging from Esperanto, Ancient Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Italian to Japanese. I am reading Newton's Principia in Latin (yes, Amazon sells Newton's Principia in Latin); when I don't know the meaning of a word, all I need to do is touch the word.


              I suppose that most Americans don't need an English dictionary. But even those Americans that attended the Phillip Exeter Academy or the Boston Latin School, and applied to Harvard afterwards need a Latin dictionary. I also suppose that the millions of Americans that speak Spanish as their mother tongue need a Spanish dictionary; after all they don't practice Spanish as often as an Argentinean or a Chilean.


              I told about the Kindle dictionaries. The problem is that you need to buy dictionaries for your Kindle, if you want to use them. In the case of the Kobo, the dictionaries are free! There is an excellent English dictionary, of course; there is also a French dictionary. Besides this, there are Japanese, German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese dictionaries. There are many bilingual dictionaries. Everything is free.