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    Update for Nook Simple Touch 1.1.0

      I just updated my Nook Simple Touch to the new version 1.1.0.  It took less than 5 minutes once I figured out how to do it.  I received an e-mail from Barnes and Noble with instructions. 

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          I have a few of those cheap and cheezy Nook Books that won't allow you to change the typestyle. I notice with the "new and improved" 1.1 update that these books are even more messed up. Word spacing is almost nonexistant on some lines due to the left/right justification, and those lines being squeezed too much. Text does seem slightly blacker than before, but except for that, I see no obvious improvements.


          Perhaps someday, B&N will offer more fonts and sizes, better bookshelves and some of the things people are actually hoping for.

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            For me this 1.1 update seems to do more harm than anything else. Seems to me no improvements in anything (e.g better shelves management) and no bug fixing. On top of all this it seems that they've killed the "non documented browser" - hitting serach and entering a web address does not work anyore at all. Maybe this was for the better considering that it was very frustrating to use it at all..

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              My Nook Touch was updated last night, and I no longer can connect to the WiFi in my house :smileysad:  

              Was on the phone for 1 hour last night with tech support. After setting it back to factory defaults it still wouldn't connect. So I was told to go to a cafe with an open wifi. Today I went to a Panara and it connected easily. Re-established my account, downloaded books etc.

              When I got home tonight, it would NOT connect to my WiFi. Called B&N Support again. Was told to call my internet provider and have them add the MAC address of my Nook to my modem's profile. It still WILLNOT connect.

              Just got off the phone with B&N support again, and was told that many people are calling in with problems, it's a problem with their network??? That doesn't even make sense to me. Isn't this a SOFTWARE  problem???

              Any ideas?

              I just want to download a new book and read :smileymad:

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                I assume you've rebooted your wireless network to be sure that's not the problem. Can you connect to the network with other devices?

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                  Is this update even worth it? Like any serious flaws that it fixes? Because I am fine with the way mine works right now and don't want to break anything. :smileyvery-happy:

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                    Zion21 wrote:

                    Is this update even worth it? Like any serious flaws that it fixes? Because I am fine with the way mine works right now and don't want to break anything. :smileyvery-happy:

                    It's just me, but if I could go back and not install this update, I would.  Quite a few others (most others, it seems) are seeing crisper text and are happy with the update.

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                      Yes, wireless network has rebooted several times with a B&N tech on the phone, and also with the internet tech on the phone. All other devices worked fine before and after the update.


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                        I had the exact same problem!  After I updated my Nook simple touch, I couldn't connect to my home wifi, even when it was working for all the other devices that I have!  I was told to try shutting off then trying again.  It would find and remember the wifi address, but it would state that the link was "unsuccessful".  I tried reinstalling the update ( I did not unzip the file or anything).  No go.  Then I was told to unplug my modem and router and replug them and try again.  No go.  Then "forget" my wifi, and go back in and try to link in by putting in my wireless password.  Did this several times.  No go.  Then I went to work the next day.  I called support again, and was told to reset to factory settings, but I couldn't complete the registration because we don't have wifi at work, so I went over to a starbucks nearby, but my nook couldn't find the signal there, even though they had wifi through AT&T. 

                        I returned to work and decided to leave early and go to a B&N store for help.  There, I was able to connect to their wifi and complete the registration, and my books were there. 


                        However, when I got home, it still didn't work!! I messed around with it somemore, then called support again.  They told me to reset to factory settings, which I did, and it took forever to get to the reset page, but it finally did.  Surprisingly, it found my wifi, and was able to complete the registration.  All my books were there, and everything was find.  Later that night, I thought I'd go in and shop, and AGAIN it couldn't link to my wifi!!!


                        I gave up and called support again the today, and told them to look up my account where my saga is entered.  I said I'm still having trouble, and that I would like a replacement.  I'm getting on in the mail in 3 to 5 days.  Fortunately, I can still read the book that I was reading, since it happened to be on a SD chip which I removed when I reset, so didn't get wiped out. 


                        I hope the new one doesn't have problems.  I like B&N I hope I won't have to go to the Kindle.... 

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                          Did the update for hubby's NST on Monday and no problems to report. Didn't tell him that I did it. He did a little reading on it last night and marveled at how he didn't have to use his reading glasses. I think he thought his eyesight got better. I finally told him that there was an update for it, and that his eyesight  hadn't changed. Not worried about the shop features on it because he shops from the computer website rather than the Nook. No wifi problems either.:smileyhappy:

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                            No problems here either.  I'm sure there must be a common denominator among those having issues but I don't know what it is.

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                              Mine is fine, too. And I did have wifi problems with one of the N1E updates that turned out to be an issue it had with my router's SSID. 

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                                I can't be any happier with this upgrade.  The image on the screen is "cleaner" and crispier. I go from one page to the following a bit faster also. The wi-fi connection has not been affected negatively.

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                                  Manually upgraded, and no problems whatsoever.

                                  Wifi works great, too. :smileyhappy: yeah~


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                                    Did the update on Thursday. At first I really liked it - smoother page turns, no ghosting, no residual "imprints" of last page and somewhat better (crispier) fonts. BUT! Yesterday I tried to connect to wifi at home. No luck. It did fine at work with the WEP security. At home I have WPA2-PSK and all other devices connect fine, as did the N2E until the 1.1.0. I tried to restart it -no joy, the same "unsuccessful" after trying to obtain an ip.

                                    I don't use wifi a lot, so no big deal for me now, but I can imagine what some folks are going through with this problem, though. BN needs to address the issue fast.

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