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    Cover will not load,Can not view sample, Purchase NookBook, book will not go into library

      Below are the issues I have on a new book on Pubit. I suggest

      if your cover will not load, you can not view the sample, try to purchase the book.


      I just put on B & N Pubit February 27, 2011,

      Gettysburg Travel Guide: A Civil War Battlefield


      1. I see the Book Cover Did not load.

      2. I could not download a Sample

      3. I purchased a copy of the Nookbook, and I could not download the book

      to my computer or IPod Touch.


      I contact B & N customer service for purchases on the Nook, to see if I was

      doing anything incorrectly. The Gentleman on the phone spent about 20 minutes

      with me. He even tried to download the book, but it would not go into the library.


      This is very embarrassing to put a book on line. Customers will download the book,

      but not be able to read the book.


      Does anybody have any ideas to help