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    I think we might have a problem...


      There has been a lot of griping that the ebooks are more expensive than the HCs and paperbacks in this and the other B&N forums.  Now, while I think the anger and frustration are justified, it seems B&N might be listening and "fixing" the issue.


      The book that I've been watching, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, has been offered for about $10.50 (member price) in HC since it's release this past Tuesday.  On Tuesday, Sony released the ebook, but B&N didn't.  The publisher is Penguin.  Today the ebook is available for $10.99, the same price that Sony had it for, but the HC is now $12.95 (member price).


      So, we wanted the ebooks to be cheaper than the HCs.  Now, at least some of them are, and not in a way that benefits the consumer.


      I personally complained about the pricing of this specific book, right here in this forum.


      For those that had books you were watching - what are you seeing now?  This change happened after midnight EDT (it's only 11pm on Friday here in Seattle).


      Now, here's my other theory on this:


      For those that were watching Penguin, have you seen the same in other Penquin books?  Maybe this is the deal that Penguin has struck - delay the ebook for a few days and sell the HC for a market-competitive price, and then release the ebook at the REP, and price the HC a certain percentage higher?  If that's what they're looking for, it would explain the delay with Amazon.

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          I've noticed a number of paperbacks listed at $9.99, which is higher than what I was paying for paperbacks previously.  Not all, just some.


          Jim Butcher's newest book "Changes" is published by Penguin Group.  It is $12.99 for the ebook, $15.17 (member price) for the HC.  It is not available over on Amazon for the Kindle, but Amazon is selling the HC for $9.99.  

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            Has anyone actually look at paperbacks recently? A large amount - most major authors - are now being released in these taller format books. And they are all priced at $9.99. Only when a pb is the shorter "normal" version is it at $7.99. So perhaps that is the "increase" we are seeing in PB pricing. Not that they are actually "raising" the prices, but releasing them in this new "better" format.