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    Firm crosses iPhone with Kindle


      Interesting idea here from a Russian company, a standard Android phone on one side, with an e-ink reader screen on the other.


      Move over Apple? Firm crosses iPhone with Kindle

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          Hmm. One of the naysayers came up with this: "... The additional screen will still use up battery and will be too small for reading, he said, adding that applications for screen could be few and far between."


          Since eInk doesn't require power except to refresh, I wonder why he/she thinks this? By offloading more-or-less static info to the eInk display, battery power might well be reduced. I also have to wonder if he/she has tried using a smartphone in daylight?

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            ok, just because the other article was sloppy, let's not perpetuate the sloppiness.  the headline says "iphone" and then talks about a standard "Android."  as if the two were synonymous.  they are not the same.  they are both smartphones, yes, but that's all.  For example, would you mention "Coke" in a headline and then go on to talk about a "Pepsi" product?   


            Let's not forget, we're talking Apples and Androids here....


            I'm just sayin.....



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              Well, they're not really using a Kindle as the basis for the eInk part either. I think they just chose commonly known names so the general public would understand it.