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    Hesitant to Try New Authors on the Nook

      I don't know if anyone else is having this problem.


      I'm hesitant to buy ebooks from new authors on my Nook.


      I buy/rent the first in a series as a DTB and if I like it, I buy the rest on my Nook.


      I think I'm hesitant because unlike DTB, ebooks can't be brought to a used book store or traded/sold in any way.


      I've heard from other ebook reader owners that they are also more hesitant to try out new authors or series on their readers also.


      Anyone else??

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          You don't have to purchase the books in order to  try new authors.  Take advangage of the free books B&N offers.  Also check out inkmesh.com - they have free books also.  There are many other places you can go to get free books so as to try out a new author. 


          I have found some wonderful books by authors I have never heard of and now will be willing to purchase others by them just by downloading the free one first.   On the other hand I have also found some I did not like and would not look for anything else by that particular author. 


          I would venture to say that most of my books are of the free variety.   It's great for the reader and the author - I've expanded my reading genres and the authors will most likely get a sale from me in the future (some already have).

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            I've never sold a book I've purchased, whether or not I liked it. That's actually one of the reasons I went with an eReader... it's easier to store the junk :smileywink:.


            That said, I'm also hesitant to buy a book (eBook or DTB, doesn't matter) from an author I don't know. In the past I generally got introduced to new authors either through the library or through word of mouth (usually accompanied by someone lending me a book). It's not going to be any different with eBooks. Someone will lend me the eBook, I'll check it out from the library, I'll find a free book by the author, I'll read one of the free samples, or I'll learn about the author through DTBs in the old fashioned way. None of these require me to spend a dime on an author I'm not familiar with. If I like them, I'll spend a lot more than a dime collecting their works :smileyhappy:.

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              I'm reading just about nothing but new authors. I get most of my e-books from Smashwords, which is a distributor for direct-from-author e-books.


              At Smashwords you can read the first part of an e-book for free to see if you like it or not. Or you can just stick to the e-books that are completely free, and those available at 100% discount. Smashwords is running a promotion this month, encouraging authors to make their e-books available at 25-100% off. Right now there are 138 titles in the "100% off" list, and that will probably grow through the month as more authors get on board.


              Yes, of course, a lot of the self-published stuff is not too good. But it's generally pretty easy to filter out. Look at the description, read the reviews (if any), and check out the free preview.


              As others have already pointed out: If you're really interested in big-name authors, then try some of the free promos and download the free samples. If you've got a B&N near you, go there and use Read In Store. There's no reason to "buy blind".


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                Aren't most books through B&N got a free sample?


                I'd download that or do some research or ask friends.

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                  I find the opposite to be true for me.  To me, buying e-books are like impulse buys...if it's a reasonable price.  I've bought several books from authors I've never read before.  Some of them were bad and some of them were good, leading to more purchases.  To me, if it sounds like a good book and the price is right (pun intended) then I'll buy it.