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    1.4.1 battery issues

      I am very unhappy with my battery drain now. Before the upgrade, and I use that term loosely as I think a lot is broken now, I could read about an hour and a half a day with wifi on for about six days. Now I get maybe 3 with wifi off. It even drains in standby now and it didn't do that before. I lose about thirty percent of battery reading a magazine for an hour and a half. That's way more than before. Anyone else notice battery drain issues since the update?
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          I thought it was my imagination!  It seemed to me that the battery was draining faster after the upgrade as well (both with the wifi on and off).  Probably one of the bugs B&N seems to be ignoring with the upgrade (apps keep reappearing on home page even if not used, survey popup when purchasing books, sorting in store doesn't always work, etc.).

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            I am not having a battery issue after 1.4.1 update.

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              I agree. It seems that my battery drains more quickly only when playing games. During regular reading usage, everything is ok.

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                I have my Nook Color set to "night" (I figure it's a lighter drain).  I just turned it on and checked the battery, and it was at 60%.  I read about six pages, then set it down for less than five minutes, and the battery was down to 54%.


                The battery drain issue with 1.4 is ridiculous.  I was excited to see it roll out because of Netflix, but the app is so stubborn it's only worth using if I don't have any other options.  I still haven't seen the Hulu we were promised.


                Don't even get me started on having to use the physical button for everything, the blank page issues, or the freezes! 


                I wish they would let us choose to smoothly roll back to 1.3 and stay there.  I hate having to do voodoo to get the functionality from my Nook that we used to have.