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    Books, app and browser button gone?

      Earlier today I made a shelf for some of my books. I accidental put my whole library and apps on this shelf. When I removed them they are now completely gone from my nook. When I log on to my library on bn website all my books are there but I am unable to re download some of my books back on my nook. Also ay the bottom of the home screen where you can click library and shop ect.. im missing my web button? Any suggestions???

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          Check under your Profile Editor and make sure those items are checked under the Manage Content area.  I have a feeling from your description that deleting those shelves may have unchecked those items from the profile and hidden them.


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            ok? doesnt your original library, unshelved remain? If you try to add a new shelf does your list of books show up? I don't see any reason new downloads would be needed unless these were sideloaded books or you took an deregister re register action.

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                Hmmm - when my device updated from software version 2.0.4 to 2.0.5 I lost my all app buttons.

                Is it possible that your device updated your software at the same time as you were correcting the shelving issue?

                I got the apps back by deregistering and reregistering the device, but I remember Roustabout suggesting a way of giving your profile access to apps again - try the '2.0.5 update is here' thread.

                That might save a you a deregister.


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                I think you might have removed the books from your profile as well as the shelf.  I almost did this on accident which is why I mention it.  Not sure how to fix it.  Also, I know that not all of my books or apps will download to the new HD device.  Most of the books were ones I had already read so I wasn't too concern about those.  There were two others I hadn't read but I had accidently gotten a duplicate copy for free from a Harlequin promotion so I just side loaded those.  


                I lost I think 5 apps.  One had an HD version that I had to purchase and the others are just gone.  I don't have my tablet any more since I passed it on my son who created his own account for it.  So approx. $15 worth of apps useless to me.  I called.  Was told someone would investigage and get back with me but they never did.  After 3 hours on the phone talking to 2 different departments I'm just letting it go.