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    B&N greed re: charger

      I cannot understand why B&N will not sell a charger cord for the NT unless you but the whole charger package for $24.95. Clearly, the cord is fragile while the wall plug is not.  :smileymad: They need to change their policy now.

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          I actually now have a lot of cords.  I did get the extra cord and charger, but I also got a car charger which comes with the cord.  I don't know why they don't sell the cords separately-I think they used to or maybe it's a temporary thing for supply purposes.  It probably also is a bit more expensive than we think it is since where that n light is on it there's more than just a connector.

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            I wonder if this is a supplier or liability issue? I agree the cord is the more vulnerable part. Perhaps most of the expense is in the cord and pricing the cord alone at 19.99 or something is a non starter. Since I have so many of the standard USB cables now I haven't priced them in a long time. Are 3.0 cables more?