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      How do i find people that want to lend books and want books lent to them?

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          Search on Google or another search engine for something like "nook lending."  There are several sites for users who want to lend books, along with at least one Facebook group.  The user guidelines for this board prohibit my posting the links here.


          Keep in mind, however, that you can only use the "lend me" feature to lend a book once for 14 days.  Once you lend the book, you cannot lend it to anyone else.  That's why a lot of regular users don't use this feature very often to lend books to total strangers on the lending sites; if they subsequently have a friend who wants to read the book, they can't lend it again.

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            I can't figure out how to retrieve books that have been lent to me. Can anyone tell me how to?

            Thank you!

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              I've never had a book lent to me, but I did lend one to my sister-in-law.  I believe that you need to go to My B&N Library and then select "Check for new B&N content."  However, full directions should be available in the user's guide on your nook.

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                I thought you could only lend a book once to one person, but then lend the same book to another person. I haven't used that feature yet but was looking forward to it.

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                  The book will show up in your daily! If you don't see it there go to my library-> Check for new bn content .

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                    I understand both sides of this argument as both a reader and an author. I liked lending my DTBs to friends as well and could usually do so twice before the spine split and pages started falling out. As an author who has put a lot of time into my books, I don't want it "NetFlixed" as one poster put it (great analogy by the way:smileyhappy:) to the world for free.


                    As a compromise, I allow the LendMe feature for my books and price them low enough that buying two is still comparable to the price of a paperback. Seems like a fair trade, but I really doubt that the big publishing houses are going to follow my lead. I wouldn't return the Nook over this limitation (IMHO) because it is so great not to have piles of decomposing trees laying all over the house:smileywink:. And, it really is a fantastic way to read! I love it!!!


                    Happy reading!