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    PubIt's response to problems with reviews

      Well, blow me down. I had a response to an email! OK, it didn't help with the problem. But it was my second response in six months (the first didn't help either--it said the problem would be fixed in December), so I take it as a measure of personal triumph.


      My issue (on about ten titles) is that they have reviews, but those reviews only show at the bottom of the page. They aren't tallied in the star rankings, and where there is only one, the top still says "Be the first to review this book," even though there IS a review. I get that it's a technical glitch, but I'm surprised that it's not one they've been able to fix in at least half a year.


      Their response:




      We are completely revamping our customer review/star/rating program and had hoped to have it in place before the holidays but there are still some issues to correct before we can roll it out.

      Some of the older issues we had with the calculations, ranking/star display, etc. are still not working effectively yet and cannot be corrected on a book page until the application is working properly.

      At this time there is no one to contact personally about your issue.

      Your email will be forwarded to the review department for any action they can take at this time.


      Some of our email addresses are also defunct because of department changes but the new ones have not yet been added to our help pages.

      Email addresses no longer valid:




      Your issue and many others’ issues are on the waiting list of problems to resolve when things are up and running again.

      If you wish to keep in touch you can use the database errors email address for any further questions you have: Databaseerrors@bn.com


      We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.