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    Some book submission questions

      Looking at some articles about DRM encryption and I'm on the fence about it. Some people say it helps, others say it hinders readers. Thoughts?


      I've heard that technically since I'm the original creator of my book, that I automatically hold a copyright. Is this true? And if it is, how does it impact my rights as to where it can be sold?

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          Yeah, it's pretty much a personal decision. As soon as you write your book, it belongs to you. As soon as you publish it, you then hold the copyrights. You can sell your book anywhere they allow Indies to publish. If you like, you can file copyright, but again, that's a personal decision.



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            Hi Thriller-Writer,


            Respectfully, I think you have an incomplete picture. DRM may be easy for a skilled hacker to crack but that doesn't mean it isn't important. It depends on what kind of protection you want. If you want legal protection, then you should probably use it.


            For example, you do not need to file an official copyright to own the copyright to your work. But if you ever go to court to seek damages from the thief who has profited greatly from the theft of your work, you will discover that not filing the copyright reduces the award you can receive from the judicial system.


            In similar fashion, not employing reasonable measures to protect your work (such as DRM encryption) may greatly reduce your ability to win damages from the thief.


            Questions like this one are seldom answered accurately in a forum like this. If you have intellectual property that is important to protect, go talk to an intellectual property lawyer. An initial consultation may be free.


            Kind regards, David

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              Always DRM everything you can as well as copyright and if it has images watermark those also and make sure  they are also copywritten.

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                  Publish with clearly displayed and stated notice of copyright, if not the book becomes part of the Public Domain, and you lose all rights.


                  "Copyright (c) 2013 Phillip Duke all rights reserved. Reproduction prohibited without the author's permission in writing."


                  I publish with two copyright notices- one just below the Title and author, the other with the "Front Material" in the back. Smashwords.com has detailed copyright instructions.


                  Most Indies do not have to be concerned about copyright, because their books are never popular enough to pirate. But you should copyright anyway, it's your right to protect your intellectual property.


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