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    I understand competition, but....

      Please no sermonizing, but I cannot help but wonder whether B&N could improve its own situation if the folks in marketing gave some serious attention to competitive pricing as well as the ads and promos of the hardware.


      Does anyone ever check out the Kindle specials to see whether B&N is able to get even closer in pricing?

      Every month Amazon offers 100 titles at drastically discount prices. (Again, please hold the explanations -- I understand that B&N may not be abe to match exactly). This month the title "George Washington's Mount Vernon: is being offered for $1.99. The current Nook price is $22.96. On more than one occasion, I have gladly gone the extra buck or two, but $20! Sorry, I don't think so.


      BTW: As of 7:28 AM (DST) the Daily Find had not changed from yesterday...except the price. You guessed it -- back up to the regular price.