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    Read in store nook hd

      The option to "read in store" was the number 2 reason i got the nook hd. renting from my public library and the expanding storage being tied for 1st. i visited my b&n store earlier this week on monday and was very happy that it connected me to wifi right away and that it pointed me in the direction of how to read in store. i picked my book and off i went. i read the hour away and then some with other books on my nook. i left the store and returned on tuesday intending to continue reading as the prompt told me i could . yet when i went to the book it said my time had expired. Yes my time expired on monday but it was tuesday. so i thought i had another free hour.  i tried several books and the box popped up the same.  i figured it was an issue that was out of my control and left the store. tonight i returned to my b&n and the same message popped up on every book i tried. even ones i just tried to see if it would work. "my time had expired please come back tomorrow." what am i doing wrong? is there a setting i need to set ? any info on this would help. thanks! 

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          I had a similar issue myself in a B&N last night.  I tried to read the book The Civil War in Color which took forever to load.  Once it did, I was told I could not access it and then it said that my hour was up.  I then switched to checking on some other books.  If I only spent a few minutes on one book and went to another, returning to the original told me that my hour was up.  Seems the system for reading in the store is a bit broken.  I thought about complaining, but then didn't want to expend the energy. 

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            Yes, Read In-Store has been broken at least since I got my first Nook in the spring of 2011.  The folks at my store reported the problem at that time, and they have also done so more recently, but clearly B&N is not interested in fixing the problem.  They have *claimed* multiple times over the last year that they were going to have it fixed "by the weekend", but that claim was either wishful thinking or deliberate deception.  (As a long-time software developer, I can't imagine what would have happened to me, or to someone I supervised, if we made such a false claim to a customer!  Actually, I can imagine it.  In my company people have actually been fired for lying about having a fix when they didn't.)  Depending on your particular store, there will be random resets, after which you can re-access a book that you have already read in-store.  I visit my local store once a week or so, and test the function each time.  The last reset here was in June.  We also discovered (working with the local staff and their collection of demo devices) that the tracking is per device, not per account.  So, if you have multiple Nooks on your account, you can actually read a particular book for an hour on each one, for what it's worth.  Some stores reset more often, so maybe you'll be lucky.  At this point, I think B&N should stop talking about this function, since it doesn't work as advertised.  Personally, I didn't know about the feature before I bought my first Nook, so it didn't figure into my buy decision.  If it *had*, I'd probably be pretty PO'd.

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              I found how to get the "Read in Store" at my local B&N on my HD+.  Once you are on their network, go to Shop. Use the Search function and enter "read in store" (without quotes) in the search box.  It should return a list of books with the tag Read in Store on the side of the book (like the Lend Me tag).