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    Nook HD+ BT Keyboard -- success story

      I have a lot of writing I need to do during the course of a day, and I really needed a good portable solution without having to resort to dragging out the laptop or figthing to get to the PC. I had tried several Bluetooth keyboards, but I always seemed to find ones that either could not be found, failed to properly pair, or never provided the expected PIN number option.


      The option that I chose was the Poetic Keybook Keyboard and Case. It provided a rechargeable BT keyboard as well as a case meant to hold the keyboard and the Nook in one convenient portfoloio style booklet case. Simple to follow instructions are provided. The seller is Amazon, and the price was just under $ 45 US including shipping.


      In just 4.5 hours after its arrival, I had it up and running without any hassles or issues. The time was spent in providing the Lithium battery with its initial charge as recommended.


      I love it, and I am going to make good use of it as noted above.I highly recommend it.

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          Glad to hear of your success.  I went through five keboards before I found one that the Nook would both find and consistently pair with.  The one that worked for me was an Apple bluetooth keyboard, available in four pastel colors and white. :smileyhappy:


          I had better luck with bluetooth headphones.  I got the Arctic P311 phones, and they worked right out of the box.