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    A month after I told them, they still have wrong summary for a film about 9/11 - United 93

      Before you ask, I'm not wrong, the movie's title, cover image and release year is the exact same as the film I'm talking about - I'm looking at it right now only my HD+ in the Nook Video section. 


      The movie is about the passengers on the united 93 flight who fought back and the terrorists crashed their plane in Pennsylvania, I sent them an email telling them they might get some PR problems if some news groups heard about this and took offense AND I told someone at a store (told the guy to pass it up chain of command) but nope no change so maybe if I tell everyone on here that the summary for that film is confused with that of a British soccer teams plane crash in the 1950s they might think about editing that a little faster. I mean really, of all the movie summaries to get wrong, the one about 9/11 is the one you don't double check? It's just bad business!


      I was a bigger B&N fan before I bought my HD+, honestly these days I barely use it over my 7 year old desktop PC which is still awesome and when I do it's just to surf the web or watch netflix since the HULU PLUS they preinstalled (and that I now use) has a glitch where ads keep showing again and again. I mean I specifically try to use these guys when I'm spending my money on books but I just don't know if it's worth it anymore...I was better off just reading books in their stores and never buying anything.