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    Quick Settings Screen

      Since I did the update when I am using the web or some of the apps, a quick settings screen randomly keeps popping  up in the middle of my screen.  Anyone else seeing this happen?

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          Its fat fingers and USUALLY a dirty screen. All you need to do slightly brush it and wham, they are there......

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            I bought a Nook Color on Friday and have used it for at least 8 hours since then, and now this pop-up just started tonight. About every other touch bring the damn thing up. I could not find a setting for it. It is especially irritating because when one closes it, you go to the normal setting page and then you have to touch again twice to get back to where you were! Grrrrr.....


            I am pretty satisfied with the Nook but if this continuee, it will be a real incentive to take it back.