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    New NOOK by spring

      The grape vine is hinting that there wil be a new nook by spring. Does not say what it will be or spring of what year.
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          LOL, doesn't say spring of what year. :smileyvery-happy:


          I prophesize a new nook coming out by spring 2020.  Maybe more than one. :smileywink:

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            Spring starts March 20th this year and summer doesnt start until June 20th. So can still introduce end of May / early June and be "technically" correct. Same way B&N's first quarter doesnt start until May 1st.
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              I think it is specifically *this* spring. I read the artical in the New York Times on Jan. 29th that sort of sprinkled that information out there. NYT has their crazy pay-wall up now, so here's a link to a synopsis/commentary on CNet.If you have a paid account with NYT, just search for Barnes & Noble and the article will pop right up.


              I'm betting that the new offering will be a large-format Nook aimed at the Textbook market. BN has been trying for some time to take over the school market, both selling textbooks and positioning themselves as cheaper-than-an-ipad.