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    How do you update nook apps?

      I just tried updating my apps by going to the library, tapped check for updates, and now several apps are showing the word "update" under the icon, but I can't figure out how to actually update it... I tap the icon and it just opens the app... Is this normal? Is there something else I should be doing to update the apps?
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          The only way I can get mine to update is to archive then unarchive.


          I spoke to CS about it and they told me to erase and de-register my NT. I also spoke to the NT specialist at my local BN and she was no help either.

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            To update nook tablet apps you go to your library go under apps ans tap check for updates when the updates come up click update all they will start to update and then you may have to tap them to complete it. When you go to your home screen when the process is done your appsshould be up to date.
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              You do go to the library of the nook and your apps will show up above your apps. On the right there will be a button that says"check for updates"tap it and apps that need to update will show up and click update.

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                When you get a list of Apps that have updates available, it's a bit strange


                1) Tapping the App Icon itself will not work.


                2) You have to tap 'Update' next to the App to update.


                3) There is an 'Update All' button you can tap to update all.


                Not sure why CS told you to reinstall/reset/archive. PRessing the update button should work.

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                  The problem is that most of the apps fail to update.  I have had several different apps that will not update.  As you know, when the app does not update, the app is gone until it does update.


                  The sad part is there are no error messages about why the app is not updating.  If have use the new app that lets me see all of the files on the NC.  There is nothing anywhere explaining why.


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                    Apps won't update if there isn't enough space.


                    So if the existing app version is 50 MB. And the new one is 125 MB and you update, but don't have that extra 75 MB + another 75 MB for the larger file that is being unzipped. Then you are in trouble.


                    Go to your Settings Page. Tap on Device Information. Then look at the row - Storage for B&N Content. How much space does that have?


                    If very little, then


                    1) Archive some apps you aren't using. Don't archvie apps that save data or app progress since archiving deletes data.


                    2) Restart Nook.


                    3) Now update.




                    There is also a rare bug where an app install will fail and then all updates and installs will fail after that.

                    Until you get the App Killer app and manually uninstall the LAST App you tried to install AND the First App that failed to install (if you find it there).

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                      I have a Nook Tablet and though I am able to install updates, I have not been able to find a description of the update before I download it.  Maybe I am not looking in the correct place.  It would be nice to know this ahead of time, because it may be an update I had rather not download.  Any ideas?