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    Nook Table Font and Connectivity Issues

      I have a Nooccolor and love it!  I have raved so much about it that several of my co-worker/friends asked for the NT for Christmas. They are both having issues.  One of them has a router at home but her NT won't connect to the Internet. It also wouldn't connect at her daughter's house even when she put in the password. However, if does connect at the library and other places that have Wifi. I told her that she should either call B & N or Comcast because this can surely be fixed. She said that although they have a router, they don't have wifi. She thinks it is an extra charge. I don't pay extra for my wifi (through Comcast) at home. It just comes with my router, so I am thinking that she is incorrect.


      The other friend has trouble with the font when she is reading. Everythime she touches a page, the font zooms up to be huge or it goes so tiny she can't read it. She is not enjoying her reading experience. I would like to find the answers for them since I have raved so much about my NC and they purchased partly on my suggestion. Since I don't have the NT, I really can't advise them.


      Can anyone help?


      Thank you!

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          On the router issue, it sounds like the rest of their devices are hardwired (since they think they don't have wi-fi), so they either have a really old router, or they don't have the router settings enabled correctly for wi-fi devices. Try to find out the model number of thier router, so we can point you to the correct setting or their router.


          On the second issue, try totally powering off, then powering back on to clear the tablet's memory. Also, some Nook colors used to have issues like that when owners tried to use them while they were charging their device. I've seen at least one or two Nook Tablet users who also identified issues with either their browser (wild scrolling or bouncing back to a prir page) or ebooks (page jumping) when trying to use while charging.