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    ?'s NT Web Page Display/WiFi,Security

      Hi My NT just did auto update last night to 1.4.1 Ive had browser freeze up and wifi connection problems. Was told the 1.4.1 would correct but it didnt. Anyone else having this? Web pages not displaying correctly including BN site Changed Browser view to Desktop which helped most sites. However my Gmail displays better in the browser mode. Is there any type of setting that would auto selelect the best view mode? Its very inconvenient to keep toggling between the 2. Security- Ive read several posts that you need to scan NT for viruses etc. Is there any type of security feature in the NT? Its unsettling to know NT could be accessed viruses etc Thanks
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          From my experience, the NT requires periodic maintenance to keep it running smoothly when visiting websites. I've used the Desktop as well as the Tablet view and I've disabled javascript along the way to figure out what works best and what doesn't.  The least handicapped User Experience is with Desktop and Javascript enabled and periodic clearing of the cache and keeping the number of windows down to a reasonable number. Think of this like 'tabs' yet I haven't figured how to switch from one to another. There is a bit of debate of how many windows should be open at one time so you can experiment with what works for you. All Clearing your cookies is, I suppose, debatable so you can try what works with that for the sites you visit. All these settings are in Options so they are easy to find.


          I cannot answer your question on the second part about Security and Virus's.  I can comment on these topics but I am sure that is not what you are looking for.  Sorry