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    My Downloads Bug

      BUG: Clearing the download list from the web browser also completely deletes the downloaded content.


      I downloaded a few free epub books from Google Books yesterday.  Later on, after downloading some more I hit the clear list on the web browser downloads.  Unfortunately this also empties the My Downloads folder.  Especially bad since there is no way to move the epubs around on the Nook Color itself.

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          I don't know about the first part of your post, which seems extremely odd. What browser do you use?  Which folder do you download files to on your computer?  Are you talking about the My Downloads folder on Windows Explorer?


          But you can indeed move the epubs around.  I downloaded a bunch of freebies from Kobe that were downloaded to my ADE "My Digital Editions" folder.  I moved them into my "My Files > Books" folder for simplicity's sake and they still show up fine on my nook.  

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            Just got my NOOKcolor yesterday, and have been stress testing it. I had this same issue today, and tested it out. Clearing out the download list does indeed delete all downloaded content.


            I typically do a lot of research before I get a product, and found this thread to be quite handy. It references a program called Calibre to manage ePubs, and it works as advertised. I put some public domain HP Lovecraft's into my NC without a hitch. It integrates them right into your books. 


            How to Copy ebooks video


            Hope this helps!