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    Nook simulator issue

      I have created several ebooks and have been able to publish them through PubIt without any problems. However, my latest ebook is giving me a problem. The book has 4 chapters, introductions to each chapter, and an addendum. When I preview the book through the simulator, in the middle of the fourth chapter, the simulator tells me I have reached the end of the ebook. I can preview the book in the Nook for PC application and go through the entire book. Why is the simulator telling me I've reached the end of the book when I haven't? I have recompiled the book several times to no avail. I don't dare publish the book in case readers experience the same problem with their Nook.


      As a test, I removed all the chapters except the fourth chapter and the simulator went through the entire chapter just fine. But with the complete book, it always stops in the middle of the fourth chapter. The size of the file is only 268Kb which is smaller than all of the other books I have succesfully published. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, were you able to remedy the problem?




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          I'm having very similar problems with the simulator, though my Nature's Way book doesn't stop at the same place each time, but generally it's about halfway through, where it says, as yours does, "End of ebook." I've tried creating documents from three different docs, txt, imbedded txt, html, epub, and I am still having problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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            I've emailed the PubIt folks too. Hopefully, they respond. If they do, I'll let you know.


            I've found their simulator to be very problematic. I'll upload a file and receive a "Failed to create preview" message. I have to try it several times before it finally creates the preview, or I have to wait and try it later. I've also found that after I make a change to my file and upload the updated file, the simulator will still show the old file instead of the new file I just uploaded. It sure is frustrating working with their system.




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              While I will scroll through the preview generated online, I find it easiest to check for formatting by viewing the epub file using the free Nook For PC application - whether that is downloading the converted epub file they generate, or reviewing my own epub file prior to uploading it to the project. Obviously it preferable that the preview works online, but reviewing the epub file carefully to make sure it looks how you want it to should prevent major issues for the reader.


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                I have had the same trouble. The downloaded version works fine in the PC version of the Nook and other readers, but it hangs up in Pubit's emulator. Sometimes Pubit won't generate a preview until after several attempts.


                Removing material from the eBook only served to change the spot at which the preview jumped to the end of the eBook. This suggests something is amiss in the emulator.


                So the question is whether it is safe to offer an eBook for sale when it reads fine in the PC reader but cannot make it through the Pubit Nook emulator?

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                  I'm having the same trouble with the simulator. Although they keep telling me that the book is published, the preview has failed every time during the loading and when I go back the next day, through the edit feature I can find a button to click on for a preview but there is never anything there!


                  I've tried .doc and .rtf and even went searching for information on epub...not that I found anything that really told me anything I could understand. Considering the instructions say there is no problem with .doc or .rtf files, I'm stumped.


                  Emailed for assistance the pubit@bn.com and have yet to hear even that they received the message. While I swore a lot over working with Kindle, at least the text kept showing up...just not the way I'd fed it into my document, but I finally overcame that. With absolutely nothing coming up, I don't even that that to work with.


                  Any suggestions or guidance for those of you who have managed to get a Word .doc up and running in the system?



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                    Similar problems here. I don't think the previewer has worked in the last 20 tries. Just comes up blank. Often too, when uploading it tells me it has an error and to try back later. It's upsetting not to know what version of my book the readers are getting.


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                      Nook simulator issue.  I have tested my epub file with several readers and it works fine.  I have submitted the epubfile through verification pgms ad come up with no errors.  The nook simulator has never worked for me.  I tried to placehe book on sale, then downloaded the free sample, and received a file with no content.  When the simulator fails, how is it possible to know what the error is, if at all?

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                        I am having the same issues trying to upload books and it is very frustrating.  I hope this issue is resolved soon.  I don't want to take the chance that the book didn't upload before I authorize the sale.

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                          I am having the same problem too.  Has B&N answered anyone?  I don't want to place the book for sale until I can see on the emulator that the full file is uploaded and available.


                          For those of you who used the PC nook application to check their book, did you have to place it on sale first?  (I would think you would have to.)

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                            Mac -  you asked "For those of you who used the PC nook application to check their book, did you have to place it on sale first?  (I would think you would have to.)"


                            No, you can preview the epub file prior to placing it on sale. If the epub file is generated successfully, then there will be a link to download the epub file to your computer on the edit/publish web page. So you can download that file to your computer, then open up Nook for PC and in the "My Stuff" area of the "My Library" section, click the Add Item to browse and select the downloaded epub file. You can then view it in the Nook for PC application.


                            One note - if the Preview generation fails - as in no preview at all is shown - then I do not think the epub file is created or a download link is present. If the preview simply stops short (reaches the end before the true end of the book), then the epub file is present as is the link to download it.

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                              I have not seen a response from B&N to my original post about this problem, nor have I received a response to the email I sent them.


                              Since I hadn't put up my problem ebook for sale, I thought I would try and delete it from my list of titles and recreate it in the hope that it might solve things. Unfortunately, it didn't and it made a sad situation even worse. Now when I re-enter the information for the book, PubIt tells me the ISBN number is invalid even though I was able to enter it before. So now I can't use the ISBN that I've assigned to it. So be careful if you decide you want to delete a title and re-create it. You might lose the ability to use the ISBN.

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                                I have had this same issue. I have downloaded the nook reader on multiple devices and downloaded a sample of my book as well with it failing to load every time. A couple times I went in and reloaded the doc and the preview worked right away but it never loads the sample. I hesitate to buy my own book and have it fail! I have sent emails to B&N twice with no response. This is frustrating! If anyone figures out the issue please share!

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                                  It's nice to know that it's not just me! I still haven't managed a successful upload of the text as that same damn message about a preview not generating keeps coming up. And I've reformatted the text numerous times thinking that was the problem. I've also emailed the address they give twice and still have not heard one word back.


                                  Have to admit that it's enough to make me erase what I do have (the cover and all the information) and just write Barnes and Noble off my list. Everything is up on Kindle and most will be going up at BacklistEbooks.com soon, and they are available at Lulu where I did the trade paperbacks (which are available at BnN).


                                  The PubIt division of BnN is not impressing me with their follow through, that's for sure. Good luck to the rest of you!



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                                    Hi all,


                                    So sorry you're having trouble with the simulator! We're aware of the issue and have been working to resolve it. Due to the overwhelming popularity of PubIt! we've also had some manpower issues in terms of responding to queries, but we're working to resolve that as well! We realize this is probably little comfort when you're attempting to upload your book, so sorry we can't offer a more immediate solution. But please be patient, and we promise to have the problem fixed ASAP!



                                    The PubIt! Team

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