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    Offers Hachette Authors 100% Royalty

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          This is old - from July. Amazon offered to give authors 100% of their cut, if AND ONLY IF Hachette agreed to do the same. Given that Amazon's cut is almost entirely profit and Hachette's cut goes to pay editors, artists, marketers, etc., it was a fake deal to begin with - Amazon KNEW Hachette would not be able to do it.


          As Hachette authors pointed out, if Amazon REALLY wanted to give them their cut, they would have, no strings attached. Or, yanno, they could just stop hiding their books from searches and delaying shipping (which they are STILL doing).

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            This was a few months ago.  Cutting the publisher out of all royalties, even if the authors would go along, which they won't, is a non-starter.

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              It's cute how these offers always seem to come on the heels of news of authors and pubs doing something that sheds bad light on Amazon, or that threatens Amazon.  Of recent note the news that Authors United is trying to get the DoJ to look at Amazons practices.


              My thoughts?


              Amazon makes less per ebook sale than Hachette does, meaning they have less to lose with the proposal.  Hachette are the ones who invested in the ebook, losing that money hurts them and in turn hurts their authors.