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    Hulu Plus and Netflix NOT Working

      I purchased my Nook tablet on Saturday and decided to try Netflix and Hulu Plus and neither are working.  I had a Netflix account and upgraded it to included "streaming" and I can stream movies on my laptop, but not my Nook.  It keeps saying "sorry we could not reach the Netflix service, please try again later.  If the problems persist please visit the Hetflix website, with error code #1003). 

      So, I tried Hulu Plus and I get the message "Hulu Plus isn't currently supported on this device, but we're working to bring Hulu Plus to your device soon. 

      I bought the Nook Tablet for several reasons, but one big one was to be able to watch movies on it using Netflix or Hulu Plus.  So at this point, I'm very frusterated!


      Any ideas or suggestions???