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    uk.nook.com appears to be guilty of fraudulent behaviour.

      I'm hoping someone from B&N sees this, as I think it is pretty disgusting.


      For a month or so, uk.nook.com had reduced the price of, in particular, the 16Gb Nook HD+ from £179 to £149 - a £30 reduction.  Their web site proclaimed "Quantities limited—hurry, offer ends 3 September" and their "Discount Offer Terms & Conditions" said: "This offer entitles customers to a discount off the list price for online purchases of NOOK® eReaders and Tablets (as listed below) beginning 3 July 2013 – 3 September 2013 11:59 PM UK time for a limited time only, quantities limited and continuing while supplies last"

      These statements clearly implied that if one were not to order before 3rd September, the prices would almost certainly rise again.  I duly ordered a Nook and a spare power supply on the 2nd September for £149 and £15 respectively.

      On the 4th September I was astonished to find that the "offer" had indeed ended and B&N had duly _lowered_ these prices to £129 and £10 respectively!

      I feel that I have been defrauded out of £25 - %18 of the current price!  uk.nook.com must have known, when they took my order two days earlier, that prices would drop.  The use of the word "hurry", is a definite implication that I would suffer if I waited, instead of gain.


      If anyone from B&N is reading this, I would dearly like to know their thoughts.  Right now, I am considering returning it for a refund then re-ordering it.  Yes, I will lose the postage, but B&N will lose more.