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    Is It Worth It???

      As I said before, my old Nook is dying, and I am looking towards getting the money refunded. I kind of want a Nook HD but I don't know if it would be worth it. The Nook Tablet has longer reading time, but will that really matter? I would really like a new Nook (And soon!)...so is the Nook Tablet worth it? Or should I just get a Nook HD?? Please answer and thank you!

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          Refunded? If you think the improved screen and lighter weight, or bluetooth, are worth it yeah. If you mostly read books and don't expect to read magazines or watch video, or do much web browsing maybe not. I do think people who share their devices will like the profiles feature.
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            That doesn't really answer WHICH ONE. Under the warranty of the Nook i hae, it says that if they say that it is still under the Limited Warranty, they will either let you replace it for no extra charge or get the money you paid for it back. So...which would you say I should get? I was just reccomended a Nook HD by a Barnes and Noble associate.

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              I certainly wouldn't buy the NT at the current pricing.  I got a refurb for my daughter when BN was selling them on their ebay store for $134.  At that price the NT would be worth it vs the HD, For the current minimal pricing difference between the NT16 and the HD (with a fairly significant improvement in screen and OS), I would buy the HD.  Once BN drop the price for the NT, it might be the better deal