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    What The H*LL!!


      So before I get started for work this morning I decide to check and see where my book lies in the overall listings when you type in a genre...I type in paranormal romance for nookbook and two days ago when I checked my book was listed #48 (its been hovering in the 40's for a while now) but this morning?? It has fallen to 115!! How the hell did that happen?? Has this happened to anyone else?



      Cloud Nine (A Paranormal Romance of the Guardians of Man)  

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          Oh no.  My rankings always stay the same, exactly the same.  :smileyhappy:  However, Stig Larsson's rankings have changed and the number one best seller last month has taken a slide I hear.  It's nolonger number one on the charts!  What the H*LL!