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    In Store Gaming

      Apparently the NT will have enchanced Angry Birds that will allow customers to play against eachother in store.  If they could get enough of such apps, they could really be a selling point for both the device and the in store experience.

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          Does this mean that Nook gamers will be displacing the students that come to the B&N stores for six hours of free WiFi?

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              I wouldn't mind except they take all the seats in the cafe. Since they don't sell much in the music area anymore maybe they could create a study nook, (I couldn't help myself) with a couple big tables and non messy food and drink for sale maybe printing service .5 a page. Kind of like the library but with food and you can talk.
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              And yet one more reason for me to avoid what has become the Barnes & Noble Day Care Center.



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                Went to our B&N today to exchange a DVD that I got double for christmas.. I double checked, I was right.. Everyone here talks of a cafe, or starbucks, and teenagers.. Not our B&N.. Our Borders had a great cafe that old & young would always arrange meetings at.. And you would get there to find no tables, and everyone was doing meetings.. It was the hottest part of the Boarders..


                Our B&N does not.. I thought maybe with everyone talking about it they had added it, and I was so set on studying the Nook counter at the front of the store, and the Childrens area for some christmas gifts, I did not notice the addition.. But nope, no cafe..


                Weird to was the parking lot was totally filled, yet the B&N did not seem overly crowded... Wellllllll... coming in there was a line at then main cashier counter, but we went to the seprate DVD area, which had it's own counter, an no waiting, figured out what to exchange it for, paid at the empty cashiers register, then walking out the line at the main counter was totally cleared out, yet still... All the parking was full !!!   (It is not located convient for people to use the parking lot and go to other stores either..)