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    Improvemnts/suggestions for Nook app

      Hello All,


      I hope I am posting in the correct forum; if not please advise of a more appropriate forum. Anyway, I hope the developers for the Nook for Android or BN Nook app (the name has changed and I do not know the most recent) are reading and will consider making the following changes.


      (1) Wishlist: I "wish" to see the same wishlist regardless of the device I am using. When I use my NOOKcolor, there is one wishlist. When I use the app on my cell phone or dual boot, another wishlist. When I shop online, yet another wishlist. I understand it would be difficult to combine the online store (computer) with the apps, but to at least have the other wishlists the same would be great.

      (2) Highlight: We only have a limited number of colors for highlighting--only one with the app (yellow)--and three on NOOKcolor.

      (3) Notes: Notes made while using NOOKcolor cannot be seen when using an app, and viceversa. This actually creates more work. It would be nice if there was a way to keep the notes made in an app until read again on NOOKcolor.


      If I am not doing something correctly and these options are available now, please let me know. Also, for the casual reader of fiction, notes and highlighted passages may not be that important. However, when reading other books--non-fiction--the notes are significant.


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