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    No landscape mode for ebooks?

      Apparently you can't rotate you're nook and create a landscape view of an ebook? Causes some problems when you've got a book with a landscape graphic in it...

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          That's correct.  For now, we only support landscape in the following cases:


          • Kids books (landscape only)
          • Magazines (portrait + landscape)
          • Browser (portrait + landscape)
          • Gallery (portrait + landscape when viewing photos/videos, portrait only on thumbnail page)

          This is on the list of things we're looking at for future releases.



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            Can you be more specific?  What problem does it cause?

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                There are two scenarios I've run into:


                1. When I increase the font size (so I don't need to wear my reading glasses) in portrait mode, the sentence lengths become so short I might only get one sentence on the screen (exaggerating to make a point), they aren't feasible. In landscape mode, I may only get one sentence in, but at least I don't have to read through 30 line breaks to read it.


                2. When there's an embedded graphic in a novel (a map, for instance) that is in landscape, I can't see it in landscape mode. Now that I think about that, I'm not quite certain if ebook landscape would totally fix that (as the landscape map would be a portrait view in landscape mode --confusing)., but at least it would fill the screen proportional to the dimemsions...

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                  Landscape mode would give you the ability to open your Nook cover so that the cover forms a stand.  In landscape mode you can tilt the screen toward you on a table so that you can easily read the screen without holding the Nook.   This is assuming your Nook cover is the standard type supplied at B&N.   Look at the picture for covers under http://www.barnesandnoble.com/nookcolor/accessories/


                  The cover is open with the Nook in landscape orientation.   This makes for a convient stand that tilts in a way that is readable.  You can not do this in an upright orientation with the Nook cover.     It all about usability.  For instance,  you could have your Nook propped open tilted at you on the coffee table at the B&N store while drinking a latte instead of holding it in your hand.   To accomplish this currently I have to find some object to prop the Nook against so that it will tilt at an angle that is comfortable to read. 

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                      I've purchased a PanDigital ereader and have been comparing it with the Nook Color over the last week.  The PanDigital effortlessly changes between portrait and landscape for BN ebooks, so why doesn't the Nook Color?  The PanDigital actually has a leg up on the BN Nook Color for this feature.........  Odd why BN didn't include this feature for their ebooks from the initial rollout of the Color.

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                    Thankfully at least it works with web pages, so I read HTML books when they are available.


                    I hope this is in next update! I read a lot of PDF books too!

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                      Well, I almost thought that landscape mode was available for the Nook and didn't realize that only selected apps or ebooks used landscape mode and I would be limited to portrait mode for epub books.  What a drag!  Guest I will have to visit the library for some real books.  I hope this is one of the first things they fix for the next release.  I think Kindle 3 has it.  Also, text-to-speech would be nice too, but only after they have landscape mode.  I just got the nook os update version 1.2.  So waiting for version 1.3 now ;-)