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        Nevermind... I just said the same thing as akaCat. :smileyhappy:

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          akaCat wrote:
          Unless you picked it up at a different store, it's quite likely that they took your name off the list when you got it. Mine was still in the backroom when I picked it up; the employee who brought it out made a point of handing the reserve slip over to the checkout clerk. I got the email notification that evening.

          It's possible but I'm not sure how they would know who I was or that my name was even on the list in the first place.

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            I put my name down at the store within a few minutes of the announcement. I am first on the list. As of Wednesday night my store still says they haven't gotten them. I've called every day. I have to go into town tomorrow so I'll just stop in there (which I've also done, three times). Not sure why they didn't give them to all the stores at once but it is annoying. I put my reservation in at the store because for the tablet I ordered online the second the order page went live, and I got it 10 days after the store got them. This time I wasn't going to wait around for B&N to send it and have it sit for a week close enough I could have gone and got it. (I watched tracking on the tablet and it sat for a week 90 miles away). This time I was going to fool 'em and get it at the store. Joke's on me.
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              Painterroy wrote:

              They way B&N handles sales of new nooks is silly. You go into the store sign your name on a list and that's it. You're not pre-paying. So my B&N has a bunch of new nooks in the store, but if you didn't sign your name up and just walk into the store like I did, they won't sell you one. They said they have to hold them for the people who signed in advance. Now even if you signed up, there is no guarantee that these people will show up to buy them. I was there with money in hand and they wouldn't sell me one. They should not take in names unless people are actually paying in advance. They should just sell them 1st come first serve. I checked again today & they still have a bunch but people have yet to come in & pick them up. As a person in retail, I would sell it to the 1st person with money ready.

              Is this your first time pre-ordering anything or is this just your first time pre ordering from BN? I have to ask because I've done pre-paid and pre-orders before with various companies and even then there have been times where the store would sell the items on a first come first serve basis regardless of pre-order or pre-paid. 


              The way BN does reservations is so much more better. It's really hastle free and if I don't get paid till 3 or 4 days after the release date I'm at least guaranteed mine when I have the money and can walk into the store. 


              I wonder if you're one of those people that had the cash in hand and bought something that was on the reserved list leaving other people who did pre-order, or pre-paid out in the cold and stuck waiting for the next shippment to come in.... Still wanna run your business like that?

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                Did you read the previous post from the person who was first on the list & still hasn't received it. Since the lists arn't posted in the store, how are you sure that they are adhering to the list & not selling them to whoever they feel like first (friends & relatives maybe) & just telling you that they haven't received them yet. You don't know. I just think it's funny that a week after the first batch showed up in my B&N, they still have not received any more. Even UPS ground would only take a few days. Just seems funny IMO. I have a friend who went in on April 29 & they sold her one and she never signed up. She just walked in & they sold her one. 

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                  I'm still waiting on the store too. I think it would be nice if Barnes and Noble sent an email with a brief apology and explanation. People will imagine reasons for the delay that are probably far worse than the truth.

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                    Official release date isn't until May 7.  So, while it's nice that some folks got theirs early, I don't think B&N needs to apologize or explain...yet.  Give them until release day to get them in.

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                      I didn't order mine online until the 1st, and they just updated the shipping date from the 7th to today and assigned the tracking number, so hopefully it won't be too much longer until the stores have the rest of the pre-orders in stock.

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                        keriflur wrote:

                        Official release date isn't until May 7.  So, while it's nice that some folks got theirs early, I don't think B&N needs to apologize or explain...yet.  Give them until release day to get them in.

                        Thank you, Keriflur, I didn't know that. Somehow I was under the impression it was set for release May 1. It turns out there's nothing to worry about. Some people just got their Nook early. 

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                          I'm pretty sure the original date was 5/1 on the day of the announcement. It was later revised to the 7th. However, BN made an annoucement that pre-orders would ship sooner than estimated, that was the week of the 26th, and as we know, some lucky few got their's way early. I suppose for me it will be the 7th, however, my local store won't even commit to that.

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                            Just have to chime in with my disappointing in-store pre-order experience:


                            More than two weeks ago, before the Glow was even on display in the Nook "nook" at my local B&N that my family has frequented for more than a decade, we put our name on the pre-order list, the clerk told us "you're all set" and that the expected date was May 1, we'd come in and pay when notified it was in.


                            So we wait.  And I read that the ship-to-store dates may have changed, but we've received no e-mail or phone call.  We go in to the store to inquire in person.  Meanwhile, every Glow poster in the place has a banner on it saying "Sold Out - Pre-Order Now"


                            We explain to the first clerk that we had our name on the list, and we're simply checking on status since we hadn't heard anything, we were told May 1 was the arrival date.


                            "We don't have any.  We only had six shipped."




                            She consults the Nook sales clerk, the same person who took our pre-order information and told us it was set.  He takes out a printed roster with more than 20 names and addresses crossed off - which meant they've had more than six in the store and have gone home with their owners. 


                            Our name wasn't on the list.   He checked in the computer.   We're not listed.  The same man who told us two weeks ago that we were "set."


                            Now we're mad.  He offered to put our name on the list for the next shipment, but he could not tell us when that order would be made or when they'd be in.  Then we asked about ordering it online.  First clerk proceeds to declare that online could only register to pre-order.  Which we knew from consulting this and other threads wasn't true.


                            We left after voicing our dissatisfaction with both the pre-order policy and the ineptitude of both clerks.  We're not picky people, we go with the flow.  Things happen.  But the sales staff were lying to us, and this Glow was to be a birthday gift.


                            Bottom lline, we came home, placed our online order, and the Glow will be arriving at my home in time for the birthday, with free shipping.


                            Lesson:  don't lie to customers, and customer - don't take the clerk's word that you're on the list - get a written receipt.


                            If you want to purchase a Glow, do it online.  Don't reward a poor policy decision.

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                              The local stores are intentionally keeping themselves in the dark.  See my experience posted below.


                              They didn't even have our name still listed on the pre-order list, and there have already been 20+ that have gone home according to their own roster sheet.


                              I don't know why B&N wants to make the in-store pre-order experience so difficult, but it would not surprise me if it were an attempt to create a "run" on devices and create the impression of lack of stock.


                              It's not May 7 yet, and they have printed poster ads plastered in their front window this weekend "Sold Out.  Pre-order now."   How can that even be possible?


                              I'll be getting mine shipped via online ordering faster than my local store can get their act together.  They couldn't even give me a straight answer about when their second order might be going out.

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                                I think the stores are holding them intentionally.  When I called yesterday to ask about having in stock I was told a two week delay. When I mentioned that I had reserved it I was told "Oh then we should have them in by Tuesday and you will get a phone call as well as an email"  


                                Seems suspicious to me.

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                                  Ok, latest update. It's now May 7 the date it was supposed to be available & still no Nooks at my B&N. So a lot of people got some last week & now a lot of us still don't have one. If Best Buy or target gets them in sooner, I'm buying from them first. 

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                                    I just had a chat with our local BN.,  They sold out last week and do not know when they will get more stock. 


                                    The person I spoke to made it sound as if the first manufacturing run may have sold out entirely - she mentioned something about BN needing to make more. 


                                    It is also possible that enough units in run 1 had uneven lighting or other issues that production slowed down while they sorted that out - the screen protector fitting process definitely varied between the two samples I preordered.


                                    Would folks rather have the device immediately?  Of course - unless there's a manufacturing issue and you wind up with one of the X % that didn't really pass QC... 

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